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I am a complete newbie so please bare with me.

Ill do my best to word this properly.

I am a mechanic and teach at a school, I have tons of books and study guides to help on all types of mechanic test. So what my question boils down to is.

Is it better to post all these study guides/test on the KDP platform or better to make my own website and collect emails ( I keep seeing money in the list )

Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    This doesn't and probably shouldn't be an either or situation.

    It's much easier to sell on kdp than try and build a site from scratch. What you can do is incentivise your kdp book readers to go to your site and join your mailing list. In order to do this offer related content in exchange for signing up.

    With their email address you can sell other products or notify people when your next book is released.

    In your case I would probably put interactive tests and exams on the site to create user interaction.

    One word of note check you own the rights to the books and study guides often educational institutes and companies claim ownership of created work linked to your employment.

    If the institute does hold a copyright it can often be purchased quite cheaply.

    Any questions just ask.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    Make website and post them there.. also you can sell ebooks..
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    That's an interesting question. KDP is a double edged sword. On one hand Amazon already has a huge marketplace. Millions of people visit the site every day. Create a quality ebook and you can do very well for yourself. But you also have to play by their rules. Amazon can change things on the Kindle store which can tank your sales. Also, you'll have to price your ebook much lower than if you sold exclusively on your own website.

    I'm selling my new ebook on my own site because I want to have more control and keep more of the money from each sale. Yes, it'll be much more work to bring visitors to my site, but I think it'll pay off in the end. Also, on your own website you can offer bonus material, up sells and more. Can't really do that on Amazon. In other words, you have the opportunity to make much more money selling on your own platform.

    Hope this helps!

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      I would definitely make my own page! It's yours, you are in control. As said above, amazon can change the rules any time.

      Leverage KDP by offering some free or ridiculously cheap ebooks from time to time, or you can do stripped down versions to give away for free. Or give away the first fifteen pages or so.

      I always look at new books in my fields of interest, and download a lot of them for free as long as they are in "Promo Phase" or whatever you call it. If I like the books I will always visit the author's page and look at his or her other content.
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    Seriously if you have quality material don't worry about Amazon changes. Despite what you read on here Amazon haven't made that many changes and the few changes that have been made are to benefit the customer.

    For a real business that's a serious win win.

    Over the years that I've been on Amazon their changes haven't effected me or my clients books or sales.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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      Thank you for all the info and help.

      I will learn how to make a webpage.
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    If you have the ability to promote stuff on your own, sell via your own site at a premium.

    If you don't, use KDP select.

    Simple as that really.

    Wish you the best.

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    Of course you mean the study guides etc.. are original? You wrote them?
    If yes, read on. If no, forget it.

    You have enough content floating around in your head about your niche to have several Kindle books plus your own website.

    Build a good WordPress site offering helpful information thinking only of helping your visitor.
    Make some videos too. Simple are fine, something that helps someone; how to change your air filter yourself and save 35 bucks etc.

    Build a list and also link to your Kindle books from your site, don't use affiliate link.
    Every time you have a new book, you notify your list so on and so forth.

    Inside all your books you link back to your site, and ask for reviews, and ask for ideas for other Kindle books.

    Brainstorm for more ideas; in your niche, it's endless
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    A little off topic but it will make sense.......

    Many affiliates will send people directly to an offer and when they make a sale, they are happy. This is not the way to do things.

    You want to send traffic to your site and then collect emails of interested prospects. Then you can leverage more traffic from your list.

    Many vendors will only tell their affiliates to send people to the offer directly cause this is how THEY build a very large list and it costs them next to nothing.

    You always want to send people to your site and build your list before you send people to the affiliate offer.
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    These either or type of questions come up all the time and I always think, why not just do both

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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      Kdp is the solution.

      It always make me smile when people say : just create a website and sell your books there. These people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

      Do you know how hard it is to make someone buy something from your website? People have to TRUST YOU. Nobody is just going to go on your website, pull out their credit card and buy from you until there is a RELATIONSHIP between you and that person. Not only that, but you will need to have TRAFFIC and traffic is not easy to get.

      This is why Amazon is amazing. People TRUST amazon. People know they are not going to get ripped off. Some people argue that you have to pay a commission to Amazon...HELLOOOOO!?!?, of course you do, but THEY BRING THE TRAFFIC FOR YOU AND MADE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU SO THAT PEOPLE TRUST THEM, so it's really easy to sell on Amazon.

      I'm still amazed by how people don't get that in 2016.

      Anyways, my answer is to do it in KDP. Buy a good program that teaches you how to sell on amazon and execute.
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    Actually, you have to do both in order to taste success. Most people spend more time promoting the book than writing it and so should you. Do not write a book and put it on amazon. It will simply sit there gather digital dust on some server. People only buy the top sellers and books that have a lot of good reviews. Getting reviews is not easy. Send the book out to friends during free days and remember that most are just too busy to give you a review. However, keep at it and eventually you will have a lot of positive press. If you do not get out there and promote your book, it will not move. Sadly, your sales with be zero or near so.
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    Why not do both? Why are you picking 1 versus the other? Is there a fear factor somewhere? Are you *deep down* afraid that Amazon would ban you because you sell a product on your own site also?

    Get your marketing skills up, no matter how long it takes, and put it on your site - and market the heck out of it - and charge more for it too.

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