A Couple Of Disturbing Trends In IM

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There are two fairly new and questionably ethical trends in internet marketing.

Both effect your inbox and your time.

Trend 1 - More and more products have two to four "creators" and sometimes as many as five.

Now, I can think of several reasons why this is happening, but in the final analysis, I think this practice by the "producer marketers" is quite detrimental to the average "consumer marketer".

Sure, partnering with someone can add credibility to you, your product and your brand.

And with that added credibility can come increased profits.

And I'm not saying that two (or more) heads aren't better than one.

But the real problem with such collaborations is that when you buy from them, you are now communicating with ALL of the creators - individually.

Or rather, THEY are communicating with you!

So, you buy a product from Joe and Norma.

Right after that, you begin receiving emails from the Product Name, Joe AND Norma.

Three senders from a single product purchase.

And these days, it's quite common to see three and four creators behind MANY products.

You get DIFFERENT marketing emails from Tom, Pete, Ralph and George AS WELL AS from their product, WP TURD.

You honestly think that $7 WSO was a great deal?

Well, maybe it IS full of great, actionable content.

But now you are getting four or five NEW, distracting emails in your box each day.

Maybe twice a day.

How much is your time worth?

Because you might as well add a minute per email to your life.

Buy several multiple-creator WSOs and you add a slew of new, daily emails, often unrelated to the product you bought (or eachother) to your inbox.

That's maybe the worst part.

SO often, those daily emails start coming pitching something completely new (or often, the product of the day), without even TOUCHING on the product you JUST bought from them.

I mean, not even a "Hey, thanks for picking-up XX from me." "Here's step one on getting started with the material."


Trend 2 - The SECOND trend is, to me, completely unethical.

That is the process of automatically subscribing you to SOMEONE ELSE'S webinar after you buy something.

NO mention of it on the salespage, yet BOOM, there it pops, your webinar registration, right into your inbox.

Part 2 of this nasty trend is that the webinar is normally for a high-ticket training or service that may or may not be directly related to the $7 product you bought.

Ordinarily I would say that a $7 dollar entry product that presells a RELATED high-ticket product or service of someone else's, is brilliant marketing.

Particularly if the $7 product actually provided what the sales material promised.

But being automatically subscribed to someone else's list without your permission or any forewarning, is a blatant violation of FTC guidelines.

And to be honest, I don't know if they can also auto-subscribe you to the lists of the webinar presenters.

Seems to me that I've started getting emails from each of the presenters after being auto-subscribed to a GoToWebinar event.

Again, if I'm correct about that, the number of presenters (which is usually 2-4) then adds further to your daily inbox bombardment.

And when the presenters make it sound like you won't get very far with the "base material" without investing what seems to be a standard $1497 plus $297 a month, that's when things begin to get clear.

Like I said, being ASKED to see a webinar with advanced training and an offer is OK with me. I expect it.

If I get quality info, I'm ok with being pitched with a related high-ticket offer.

But being automatically subscribed is not OK.

I wonder if GoToWebinar is aware of this happening widely right now?

Anyway, this has obviously become an issue with me and I wanted to write and rant about it.

Clearly, the 2016 internet marketer has to dedicate some time each day to unsubscribing from crappy lists.

Even ones they didn't sign-up for.

Sign-up (or get signed-up) for one list, unsubscribe from two...

Caveat Emptor!
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  • Profile picture of the author danieldesai
    Oh damn, I can relate a lot to this, Russ.

    I've actually stopped buying much products unless it's information I can immediately see myself implementing.

    Clearing out my inbox daily was another chore that I've mostly solved (hit the report button for unsolicited sign-ups).

    But hey, maybe these marketers think the FTC are a bunch of chumps.

    No spam policy, schmolicy. (Heh, trying saying that a few times fast.)

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  • Profile picture of the author davejarvys
    I've not noticed the first trend but seen the second one several times recently and find it quite annoying.

    I often have random notifications in my spare email address from people I've never heard of. I've also noticed that before you sign into some of these webinars there is a little disclaimer saying that they too may share your info.
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  • Profile picture of the author Oziboomer
    Sure this is going on and it is annoying but something you can use if you use gmail and some of the other email provides is Unroll.me. https://unroll.me

    Rollup all the emails and unsubscribe or put them into one roll-up email for a quick overview.

    It cuts down on a ton of junk and can unsubscribe you from all emails you don't want by just ticking a box.

    Kind regards,

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  • Profile picture of the author Jack Gordon
    The other thing you could/should be doing is using a dedicated gmail address you don't regularly read to purchase things like this.

    Let the spam come - you only open that mailbox when you need to click a link or search for an old email.

    To the spammers, you just become another address on their list that never responds and counts negatively toward their overall deliverability score.
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  • Profile picture of the author kurttasche
    I know what you mean. As far as getting auto-subscribed to other people's lists, or auto-registered to a webinar, I know most autoresponder services frown at this, and don't allow it. I remember a few years ago for example, when you could partner with other marketers to host a JV Giveaway, and members would be added to each host's list. Aweber stopped that, as it's seen as co-reg, which is against their TOS.

    I don't really mind being added to other lists, if I'm getting value in the emails. But when every email is screaming, "Buy this newest shiny piece of junk", that's when I start unsubbing. In fact, I'll go as far as blocking their emails via my server.

    Seems that some marketers don't understand that giving value has to come before money.
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    • Profile picture of the author TheGMa
      There are some vendors I follow. Each vendor is followed for a particular reason, like Matthew Woodward or Omar Martin or Zach Crawford plus a few more; however, when they start bunching up on a JV - yeah, it's extremely annoying to receive the exact same headline from 2, maybe 3 of them, with a bunch of others jumping in on the same 'product of the day'. I broke my own speed record the other day, deleting all but 3 emails.

      I'm going to have to do even more culling at this point.

      Oh, and some of us have noticed that there is a sign-up somewhere that is selling our emails addys. I've had to bounce a bunch of IM emails from peeps I never heard of. Everybody has their own folder, so I know.

      - Annie
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      • Profile picture of the author JohnMcCabe
        Here are the solutions, in chronological order:

        1st: Try the unsubscribe button.

        2nd: Try the spam button.

        3rd: Set up a filter to funnel the unwanted emails to the trash before you ever see them.

        The only way this doesn't work 100% is if you are so insecure you don't dare miss a message from any of the people spamming you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Chicas
    Thanks for this thread. Recently I bough t a product and began getting emails from the "spokesman" "The creator" and even an "affiliate" which by the way - I never signed up to his list or purchased through an affiliate link, as I went straight to the selling platform to buy this product... I usually buy from the top ten.

    I"m not sure how the heck I got on his email list, but I looked him up on facebook and he was heavily promoting this offer. I'm thinking that they all just got together and openly traded email lists.

    Anyways, the worst is when you get added to an email list for a webinar, and you get emails without an unsubscribe button.

    I"ve cut way back on buying IM products/apps because of this.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sarevok
    This is a huge issue to be honest, and is a main factor that's contributing to me not promoting many offers in the big marketplaces these days.

    (I don't remember the last time I promoted an offer in the typical marketplaces).

    Because, each time I make a sale, I am diminishing and diluting my list.

    When I see a launch with 5 friendly faces, I wonder how negatively this is going to reflect back on me when the buyers are suddenly bombarded with dozens of emails from a barrel-full of vendors.

    Oh well. Gives me more motivation to create my own products with more consistency so I have something to sell.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rajainapur2
    Yes, its actually a issue where you will get auto subscription. One need to be very careful while signing up, but how to trace if its hidden. Eithical practice must be followed if you want good business and subscribers.


    Best Regards,

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  • Profile picture of the author reachintan
    Thanks for such amazingly wonderful detailed information.

    I want to contribute to this discussion by adding up something in the form of this comprehensive Entrepreneur article 10 Web Marketing Trends for 2010 - Internet Marketing Trends - Entrepreneur.com.


    Chintan Mehta

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  • Profile picture of the author Mattdawg841
    Haven't really thought about it in that sense…great post! Keep up the great work
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    • Profile picture of the author pawandave
      Absolutely right...and you caught it
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  • Profile picture of the author barbling
    One thing that I've found that helps with unwanted emails....

    Create a gmail filter that immediately deletes them or sends them to a folder.

    Me, I much prefer sending them to a folder, because I can then examine *how* certain marketers send/stack their emails, what tactics intrigued me, and the like.

    How To Filter Your Gmail Like a Pro

    20 Ways to Use Gmail Filters

    are 2 resources you might find useful.

    Hope that helps!
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  • Profile picture of the author barbling
    I'd like to address this:

    Originally Posted by RussGu3 View Post

    You honestly think that $7 WSO was a great deal?

    Well, maybe it IS full of great, actionable content.
    Then it IS a great deal.

    But now you are getting four or five NEW, distracting emails in your box each day.

    Maybe twice a day.

    How much is your time worth?
    Then you either:

    1.) Set up filters to delete the messages (one shot thingee)

    OR (what I do)

    2.) You set up filters based upon the email address, send them to a specific folder, and see if you can glean any new marketing ideas from the swipe file you're generating.

    You are 100% correct that unwanted emails - they're a pain!

    But they are NOT going away. There ARE unscrupulous folk who WILL spam you from here to eternity.

    Your takeaway? You CANNOT control what others do.

    BUT... you *can* control how you choose to react.

    Life is much better when you take back your power.

    Side note - I have folders that contain 2+ years' worth of marketing messages from the marketers I follow. It comes in handy quite often.
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  • Profile picture of the author ANDREIS
    You are absolutely right talking about these trends. Why is this happening? Well, because almost all those "product creators" are just there to make money and you are just a walking wallet. This may sound harsh but I've been online for a long time and I can assure you: Big majority of those "product creators" are spending day and night thinking about dollars they can extract from people.

    That wouldn't be even that bad if they provided value and gave you something that you really need but the truth is that they talk about value and helping people and all that stuff while in fact they are very skillful in selling and taking money by misleading people. They know that you can't really know whether what they are talking about is true or not. If you would be able to know that, than you wouldn't be even there asking them questions. So most of those gurus are nothing but salesmen, many times misleading people and talking empty stories..everything just to get USD from one person..then second..third...102nd....314th..person. That's all that matters to them.

    And what is the number 1 way of persuasion? Proof of income, different photos or videos...people always fall for those.

    I have never used that kind of proof for my products because I can assure you in this time of technology everything can be filmed and edited and presented as proof. When you are looking for genuine people to trust don't believe photos and videos and claims..always check how long they've been earning money online, which methods they use, if they are willing to communicate with you one on one through email or chat.

    If they are called "gurus" don't buy their products but do some reverse engineering instead and see what they do to earn money themselves, what they have online which allows them to earn money..then do that for yourself.

    In the end, I'm not saying all gurus are like that, but 90% are! Think about it, if all those gurus were sincere and ready to help then all those thousands of people who bought their products would be rich today and believe me there are people on this forum who were here buying gurus products 10 years ago and are still not making any money. They bought all those next big thing guru products but no money or just some pocket change. Why is that? Because those products are there to extract money from you in the first place and helping you is at the bottom of the list. Choose carefully and wisely when trying to make money!
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  • Profile picture of the author Sempeneh
    i also find it irritating sometimes

    but i love to hear from them once in a while

    Make $4000 Permonth Using A Simple Blogger In Just 20 Minutes Per Day Without Investment

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    • Profile picture of the author Steve B
      Shouldn't we all be paying attention to our email inboxes on a regular basis?

      Shouldn't we go through our email and block those senders that we don't want to hear from (of course, first attempting to unsubscribe as John points out).

      I believe if we all would keep on top of what's being sent to us, we would have no need to do anything differently today than we've been doing for years.

      There will always be those who want to make us a part of their audience, whether we give them permission or not. The answer is to put a system in place that lets YOU control the emails you read.

      It's really not that complicated people!


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      • Profile picture of the author Enfusia
        I've seen both trends and the 1st with multiple marketers is the one that left me shaking my head.
        I know why they do it, but it's just sort of cheezy to me.

        The 2nd trend should be (if it's not already) against the TOS for the AR's like Get Response and Aweber.
        This is not honorable marketing.

        Free eBook =>
        The Secret To Success In Any Business
        Yes, Any Business!
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  • Profile picture of the author planetgourmet
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    advises to buy traffic thru bing.

    ok another em follows.
    now a better method, buy a jvzoo product which will get you better traffic.

    what what does he advise to buy next ??
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