Which Freelancer Site is best?

by GayleT 24 replies
Hi all,

I've posted a small project on scriptlance -- but have seen a few negative comments here about it.

I'd appreciate knowing which site you recommend for webdesign projects?

Thank you,

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    Hey Gayle,

    All my outsourcers I've found through WF. I find that they are reliable and there's an "honor code" to help other warriors and provide good prices.

    Post a question asking for software or script people. They are here and then PM someone with the details.

    Easy thing to do as far as money and not getting ripped off is to do an invoice through PayPal. If they screw you, you file a complaint and then it's wire fraud

    So, either way you're protected.

    Just my experience but I really enjoy working with Warriors. No problems yet...


    Brad Spencer
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    Hi Gayle,
    PM what you need done, what is your project ? .. I posted in your other thread.


    Originally Posted by GayleT View Post

    Hi all,

    I've posted a small project on scriptlance -- but have seen a few negative comments here about it.

    I'd appreciate knowing which site you recommend for webdesign projects?

    Thank you,

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    I would have to say that many of the same people are on many of the freelance websites.

    Some are good Some are not so good.

    It is not always easy to find a good service provider.

    I have had an account at scriptlance for over six years some freelance websites have different levels of talent available, depending on what your goals might be.

    The most important thing to remember is that no matter which freelance website you choose you can end up with a bad result.

    While some may have had a bad experience at one website, or even several websites, it does not mean that the whole barrel is bad.

    I do not take on many projects these days, as I stay busy, however, I can tell you that the most important part of getting a project outsourced is communication.

    If you have a clear plan and know what you want to have done, detail by detail, then you will have a much easier time getting what you want.

    If you frequently change the game plan, change your mind about what you want to do, switch gears and change technologies, you will have a bad experience, it will cost you more money to change your mind.

    The most successful outsourcers are those that have a clear and well thought out plan and they effectively communicate that plan to the service provider.

    About 50 percent of complaints arise out of a lack of effective communication.

    The other half is just pure bad luck...
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    The service section of DigitalPoint is very good. Also Rentacoder.
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      Originally Posted by napoleonfirst View Post

      The service section of DigitalPoint is very good. Also Rentacoder.
      DigitalPoint is full of scams.. Please stop posting their name and/or URL ..

      Hey Allen can we please get a filter on DigitalPoint .. PLEASE!!

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    Yeah, DP used to be ok (when I started out by getting a few gigs there), but it's turning to crap.

    Send me a PM and I can help out too, if you have trouble finding anyone. I tend to always have a pretty good stream of work, but find some down time once in a while.

    I'm tired of my signature... Deleted.

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    I've used Rentacoder three times and really looked carefully at feedback and ratings. Both times I got excellent coders who did what I needed for a good price. Hope this helps
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    elance is good.

    but it depends on who you choose for your project.
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    I have used rentacoder lots of times and havent really had any problems on there

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      Elance is the preferred site here. Main things to watch for in other sites are:

      1) Contact info for the company running the site – many of the other Freelance sites MIGHT have a support ticket area, and you MAY get help. I’ve not seen any site compare to what Elance offers with phone help and quick, good online help.

      2) The ability for the bidder to win, then bail, leaving you out cold with no recourse – with Elance, you can leave negative feedback if the winner blows you off come deadline time. Plus if you complain to Elance, they take positive action and actually close those type people down if complaints pile up. On other sites, those awarded projects are allow to simply refund any funds down you may have paid, and back out of the project at any time – even on deadline day and after - and you cannot leave feedback, get anywhere with complaints …nada. Zip. You’re stuck. When they back out, it closes out the project like it’s over or never happened. That really bites, especially if you’ve waited past deadline and they bail and don’t even give a reason.

      3) Payment handling – Elance handles transactions and very well, I might add. Competitor sites do not. Some Tell you to collect in your own manner, outside the system; others force you to use their Escrow system, and then refuse to refund unless there is a certain amount in it plus charge fees, etc. It’s like they want to run their own bank, and you’re stuck - -without your own money, without your project, and paying yet even more fees - -all for nothing in the worst case scenario.

      Those are the basics. Elance is definitely worth paying a little more for to get a better project winner. You may pay 10% or more there to get someone and to even find paid work, if that’s what you seek, but it will be well worth the effort in most cases.

      My 2-cents.
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    I freelance... PM me your project, and I'll see if I can help.


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    I recommend Elance.com. We can find professional freelancers (or group of freelancers) there. And the site is easy to use, just post your projects and wait for the bidding.
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      Here is my opinion of the three freelance sites I use.

      GetAFreelancer - Cheaper prices than the others due to the lower transaction costs, just be careful of the scammers.

      eLance - Pretty good, although a little complicated for first time users, this is a more "respectable" site all round.

      RentACoder - Can be more expensive than both GAF and eLance, this is due to the large project fees taken and the expense of withdrawing money.
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        Hi Gayle,

        Before selecting any vendor thru Freelance sites make sure they have a good reputation of completing jobs.

        I have been working thru many freelenace sites but now I run my own business independently. This helps me building personal relation with my clients and also give better rates.

        If you are interested PM me your project. May be I can help.


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    THANK YOU all for your replies!!!

    "In dog training, 'jerk' is a noun and not a verb."

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  • Profile picture of the author A Chandler SEO
    I have never used them but I have been recommended to rentacoder.
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    Hi Gayle,
    I can help you with your website and I work through SL if you want the Escrow safety. PM me or email direct and I will be happy to give you a special quote as a Warrior.

    The most amazing wealth generation Package ever is up till 31st December

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    I think the most important aspect of any freelance site is the arbitration/claim process rather than the percentage of fees or cost of doing busines. Take a good look at the reviews for the arbitration process of any site you may be considering before submitting a project.

    And also, do not cross post on multiple sites as it absolutely shows poor judgement and dishonest on the buyer's side.
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    I have used guru.com in the past.

    They have a good escrow and feedback system. Some of the prices are high but I have had some success there
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    Originally Posted by GayleT View Post

    Hi all,

    I've posted a small project on scriptlance -- but have seen a few negative comments here about it.

    I'd appreciate knowing which site you recommend for webdesign projects?

    Thank you,


    Hi Gayle,

    I understand what you are going through!

    I have used Scriptlance and Elance with mixed results.

    One project I posted on Elance the guy accepted and then just did not do anything!

    However i posted the same project on Elance after that I the work I got was awesome!

    My advice is once oyu find a good source that will do your outsourcing hang on to them they are gold dust!

    Good Luck!
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    I have always had luck with GetAFreelancer.com. It not only offers freelance reviews and ratings. You may want to also check out:

    Buy Used Websites.com - Freelance Marketplaces Outsourcing Overview & Reviews

    You can review what others have to say about each marketplace.

    Best of luck to you!
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