How to Access to Car Dealer Decision Makers?

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Any ideas on how to sell online marketing services to ca dealers

who, how to get to decision maker. How to get an appointment with General Sales manager or owner?

obviously walking in the door in is not an option unless you want to waste 200 miles of driving and zero success.
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    Originally Posted by nofearman View Post

    Any ideas on how to sell online marketing services to ca dealers

    who, how to get to decision maker. How to get an appointment with General Sales manager or owner?

    obviously walking in the door in is not an option unless you want to waste 200 miles of driving and zero success.
    Try some of the experts in the offline forum for answers
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    Your best bet will be direct mail and cold calling. I prefer direct mail, but if you check out the offline section of this forum, you will find some GREAT cold calling methods that will get you in-touch with your intended call dealer decision maker.
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    I think cold calling with some research behind you.

    Come up with a semi script to start with and practise on a few that you never dream of landing far away or something. Focus on it being an investment for them. Talk to them.about the benefits don't over sell. Most people know about net, low pressure let them.sit and think. Polite family business approach.

    That's my personal opinion.

    Messenger Chatbot Marketing Systems -

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    I use to do this when I had my brick and mortar business….simply call them up. The receptionist will answer the phone and just ask them who you would speak with about referring a couple of people to their dealership. 9 times out of 10, the receptionist will get you in touch with the decision maker/owner.

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    Have you considered networking over at

    Car Dealer Forums

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    Read a book called "The Power to Get In". It really isn't a sales book. Instead, it teaches how to get a meeting with decision makers.
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    I've called them. The GM is the one you want.

    You'll also find many dealers are owned up the chain by one company, and they have already hired an agency to manage their marketing.

    There's two big things going for you in calling this market, though:

    1 > they usually answer their phone, because it might be a buyer


    2 > they're used to calls, so they actually appreciate a good prospecting call.
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      Set up your own page on LinkedIn. Fill everything in to include lots of details, this will set you up for more contacts in the future with many dealerships. Then, assuming you know the name of the guy you need to contact, locate him on LinkedIn.

      If you don't know the name of the owner see if you can locate this information on

      But you really would be advised to post this question here:
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    Couple of ideas for you:
    • If you have a list of dealership or dealer group names in CA you can search Linked In by company name to find employees and their positions and build a contact list
    • NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) is one of the largest organizations in the country geared towards dealers. They hold an annual conference (and I think they used to hold regional conferences so there might be a western division for CA). The annual event is being held the end of this month and often attended by decision makers but it's not cheap, it's going to have dealers from all over the country (not just CA), and you may have a hard time finding the dealers you want. However, NADA may have some information on their website that could help you. If I remember correctly, they publish a membership guide (although I don't think you can buy it) that showed owner and contact information for member dealers and related service companies. Their news section, though, may give you some industry information that would be helpful.
    • Some advanced searches on Google could uncover the names and contact information for certain positions at CA dealers if the information isn't easily found on the dealer's website.
    • There are lots of dealer service providers in marketing already. Get familiar with what's already offered and by whom. You might find that you could offer services to those organizations, as well.
    Basically, build a contact list with phone, email, and physical addresses. Figure out which department generally handles whatever it is you're promoting and build a contact campaign (phone, email, mail) to get your service out there. Networking is critical in that industry so leverage any contacts you have or make in that field.
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      An effective marketing approach that I've used for this (and dozens of other similarly competitive niches) was to establish a conspicuous presence through article syndication in online/offline trade publications which were read by the respective decision-makers.

      Specifically, produce articles which demonstrate your expertise within the auto industry for publishing in Auto Dealer Today, Used Car Dealer Magazine, NIADA Used Car Dealer Magazine, etc. Other relevant publications may be sourced through Writers' Market and
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