Google not index my new blog

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My new blog still not get index by Google even after two months. Why?
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    depends on many things
    new domain
    google not liking the content, ie not seeing it as useful content (sorry without seeing blog can't really say what the content is like)
    are you sure in wordpress you have the setting turned on that lets search engines index your site?

    any more info would be useful

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      It is one of three reasons

      1) Because there is not a website already indexed by Google that links to your domain.

      2) Because you do not allow robots to index your blog.

      3) Because your blog is promoting something illegal. In this case Google may remove it from its index.

      Since the third hypothesis is unlikely, we must look at the first two items:

      Do this:

      1) Create a Facebook page and link to every page of your blog. Facebook is well indexed by Google and robots should visit your site very soon.

      2) Since you have not put a link to your blog, it is difficult to be precise. But check that robots can index your blog. If you use WordPress you can install the Yoast SEO plugin.

      Hope this helps!
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    Make sure your wordpress settings under reading setting is unchecked for disallowing search engine traffic.

    Add Google Analytics to your account so that you can see when you do recieve traffic and the sources.

    Add a plugin for the Google Analytics to your WordPress Site.

    Use Google Webmaster Console to Fetch Googlebot to automatically fetch and crawl and index your site once you verify your website.

    Total time to set up 30 min to and hour.

    Good luck
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    Google spiders will crawl your site when you post something in your site. It may not happen instantly because it is based on lot of factors. Google doesnot have any human workers for crawling sites. They are using a computer algorithm for this purpose. So i t must consider the factors such as PAGE RANK, BACK LINKS etc before crawling.
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    Unless you do something to make Google aware of your site, it will never get indexed. Google isn't automatically "aware" of any new site that gets created - they have to be notified either directly or indirectly.

    For instance, if you have backlinks from a site that is already indexed, your site will get picked up the next time that site is crawled.

    You can notify Google directly that your new site exists via Google Webmaster Tools.
    1. register the site
    2. inform them of your new sitemap file
    3. ask them to verify your site

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      I've been using tools like Google Search Console for some time. Form my experience it seems pretty typlical that you won't see any data in search console until about 8 weeks after a site has been launched.

      Right after that I usually see traffic start to increase in analytics as well as long as you've done a decent job on your on page SEO.

      Have you checked Search Console? Does it show that your site has been crawled and indexed?
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    Did you use Wordpress to build your blog? Usually google will index your wordpress blog in no time.
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    Originally Posted by Kitiemau View Post

    My new blog still not get index by Google even after two months. Why?
    Have you tried submitting it manually?

    That link works for me every time.
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    My new blog still not get index by Google even after two months. Why?
    Post a link on FB or Twitter or G+...problem solved.
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      Create an account on Google Analytics and add the code they give you to your blog code, when you start seeing real results, means your site is indexed.

      Also, you can send a sitemap to your account on Google Webmaster Tools to help Google index your content, make sure on your Wordpress config that you allow your content to be indexed.

      On Google Webmaster Tool you can check out if you have errors, if you have some of them it will say exactly how to solve them, maybe you have something wrong.
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    Originally Posted by Kitiemau View Post

    My new blog still not get index by Google even after two months. Why?
    The best thing to do is (if wordpress):
    A. Go to Settings : Writing
    In Update Services add a list of sites to be pinged.

    Pinging though not as effective is still a similar principle as email. When you have a new blog post put up, it will ping those services and there are ping services for Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other places. Once you ping them, then they are notified.

    There are several services that do this online also, but this is a simple way that is automatic. Remember that this can cause a lot of strain on hosting, especially if lots of posts per day or lots of sites.

    B. Submit Sitemap
    You need an xml sitemap so that you can submit to Google. This sitemap tells Google about your pages and is different than simply letting the Google bot or other bots try and find pages.

    C. Make sure your content is valid.
    Is your content original? Is it duplicated? Are you simply putting up a mashable post with snippets from other places. Is it an auto-blog. In 2016 these type of sites are harder to get indexed with.

    D. Get some off site SEO done for your site. This will get your site indexed. Send me a PM with site details and will help out.
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    Do proper on-page SEO for your Blog with SEO friendly Blog-posting can help to increase your traffic.
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    ...Do some social bookmarking for your link, or at least pay someone to have it done...
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    Originally Posted by Kitiemau View Post

    My new blog still not get index by Google even after two months. Why?

    Have you tried to create a sitemap and to submit it to Google? This might help you get your site indexed faster.
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    Have you submitted your site to Google through their Webmaster Tools? There are other factors, but I would start there.
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    How do you know it's not indexed?

    If you go to the google search bar and type in your full domain name does it appear?

    Have you created any content yet on it and have placed any backlinks?
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • If you go to youtube and search for ''how to set up wordpress blog for maximum results'' you will find a video where 1 guy shows exactly how to get indexed within 24h, I did that and it worked. Set up takes max 30mins including watching the video all free btw.
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    The first thing I do is submit a sitemap to google, and that's enough to have gotten all of my blogs indexed by google in less than a week, before I start building a single backlink.

    Either you're not submitting sitemaps to search engines or your content is bad.

    Beat the competition with better long tail keywords:

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    Don't lose sleep over this. You can get great traffic to your blog by simply paid advertising. But when traffic comes, have a hover ad ready along with an optin form to generate leads and keep them coming back.
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