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Hi there,

I am planning to change my hosting plan because my current hosting company only provides a limited bandwidth. As I am learning about SEO and want to increase my website traffic I need to change my hosting provider.

While searching through the internet I came across a hosting company called 1 dollar-webhosting. I was interested in their gold package which provides unlimited bandwidth. Because I am interested in hosting multiple websites I contacted their support to ask them if they can give me multiple website hosting with their gold package but I did not get any reply from them.

Another hosting company that I am interested in is which is quite a good company but their plans are much expensive than the 1 dollar-webhosting.

Can anyone tell me what plan will suit me if I want to host multiple websites with one hosting plan and which company is the best with minimum rates. Also what is the difference between wordpress hosting and webhosting?
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    In the last 7 years I have always gone with Hostgator, they offer you 0,01$ coupon for first month, then later it goes up to 10-20$/month. If you are looking to pay on monthly base, then you will pay more than if you were to take the whole year or two.

    Besides Hostgator, you also have Bluehost that has the best Customer Service ever, but they don't give you the option to pay monthly, only for a year in advance and that is their bottleneck.

    If you want cheap hosting, then any of these two would be great but only if you take it for at least a year.

    Hope this helps,

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    hum 1 dollar hosting, and building a business

    i don't know mate but you have to invest in hosting,

    what if this happened
    lots of people go to a cheap host
    they spam the xxx out of the email server
    they don't have a good security
    you site gets blacklisted
    your business goes belly up

    is it worth it?

    i say go for good reliable hosting for a reputable company - I have heard bad things about hostgator and now trust all my hosting to one company that understand internet marketers

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    1 dollar hosting is fine only if you have very few visitors per month and you don't need any special scripts and plugins installed. If you want to get anywhere be prepared to pay for hosting. 20$ per month will provide you with everything you need as far as hosting is concerned.
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    I've used hostgator for 10 years and never had a problem.

    Cust service has always been great and I host multiple sites.

    Just my experience......hostgator works for me

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    I can appreciate where you're coming from and trying to keep costs low! But I would definitely go with either Bluehost or Hostgator for sure!

    Anything for $1 in this day and age….you get what you pay for. Just my initial thought. But whichever option you decide to go with, definitely do your homework so you can make an informed choice!

    I hope that helps and best of luck!
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    Bigger hosting companies like BlueHost or Hostagator are doing good.
    You can check with their customer service if you wanted to change.

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    There is huge good hosting. Try to deal with someone who really great with their customer service and service system. I'll suggest you to check Offshore SEO VPS. They have cheap hosting and good live chat system.
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