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Ello Everyone,

I have a question to ask every gurus here. First of all, forgive me with my bad English as English is not my first language. Here we go, as far as i know, when i search for making money with a website/blog online, what i found is always suggestion to find a specific niche (preferably niche that sell product/affiliate), get a domain name that's is related to the niche and come out with lots of long tails keywords that are related to that specific niche. after that create good content for all the long tail keywords and practice good SEO for every keywords and rank it top page in Google and make money buy affiliating the products. My question is can i actually use a "not so related" domain, and build a content based website which include category ranged from a to z (Basically a site with article of low competition keywords), practice good SEO for every article, and update a new content on daily basis. Then if this is workable then i will monetize it with adsense or other ads. I know it's stupid to ask but i'm aiming to make small money online (not the one to make $10,000 overnight).

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    Will you get visitors in sufficient quantity to generate the ad revenue you're looking for?

    That's the only question you need to concern yourself with.

    My guess right now is No...unless you are putting in some serious high value affiliate offers. Adsense will not do it.

    Organic SEO will only take you so far. You need sharing of your content, referrals from other media like Youtube, and paid traffic to make up the shortfall.

    This isn't easy and it's going to take a long time. And the only way for you to find out if you can do it is to do it.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Will you get visitors in sufficient quantity to generate the ad revenue you're looking for?
      What Jason said...

      ...because if you're content isn't related in some way then each post stands on its own and you're going to miss some volume of traffic that another approach might see where visitors would go to multiple posts or return to your site to find new, related content for the topic.

      I have a site along those lines - it's an Amazon site so almost every post promotes an Amazon product with affiliate links. There's no Adsense and no other monetization (except maybe Walmart affiliate links).

      The domain is generic and could be used for anything and each post targets a separate, low competition keyword. It's really just a mish-mash of topics where I came across a great buyer keyword I liked and had no other site where writing about that keyword would make sense.

      The site averages about $900/month in Amazon commissions but the bulk of that comes from 5 posts (out of about 100 posts) that bring in most of the traffic and sales. I can tell by comparing the visitor flow and Google Analytics data that visitors to that site have a lower average pages per visitors than on my other kinds of sites and a lower return rate.

      There is a very broad relation between the posts - every post is about something you can buy so there is at least some sort of connection between the content. It's not like there's a post about a camping trip I took, then a how-to post on teaching a teenager to drive, then a post on the best dog beds for small dogs.

      1. Your domain could work just fine if it's generic and could even work if it's something like "howtobuildacar" and you talk about cats (although it would look very strange to your visitors and may throw off Google for a bit) since the post title and content play a role in how the page ranks.
      2. Writing about different topics can work but you do miss out on keeping a visitor on your site longer, getting them to move from post to post, and giving them a reason to return as well as missing out on some SEO benefits of having related content. (Which can mean a lower profit per visitor than you might see with another strategy.)
      But it's doable...and can be good practice. While building it, you might trip into a topic that you find you like enough to focus on with a separate domain.
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    Don't ever make the mistake of relying on search engine traffic or even think that you need search traffic / SEO to make money online.

    There are other ways to generate traffic to your site that don't take as long to start seeing results.

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    First of all nothing is a "noob" question, everyone was new to this industry once so do not worry about it. Now onto your question.....

    The fastest and most effective way to test your offers, products and website is with paid traffic. You do need some initial investment but well worth the ROI in time. SEO can work but it is really saturated and if you are new to the niche, especially to a niche that has high competition like weight loss, how to make money online etc, then you it will take you years to rank your website. In those high competitive(but also high conversion) type niches it is just more effective to use paid traffic, social media and other digital referral channels.

    Good Luck on your Internet marketing journey.
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    As has been rightly said, is to start with the construction of strategies and examine first whether there is a possibility to get enough traffic and make money.
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