Proper Conversion Rate to Present to Affiliates?

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I've been testing an ebook in the fitness niche with paid traffic from facebook, and am gearing up to recruit affiliates.

The ebook is $7, and I plan on giving affiliates most or all as a commission (through clickbank) and then following up with customers with offers to my multimedia programs.

So far, I've been converting 4.3% of the cold leads who opt in to my list to ebook sales.

But if I look at actual sales page views (instead of counting my leads), I end up with a 5.6% conversion rate.

My question is this: When first presenting the offer to affiliates (in private contact and on my affiliate page, which I'm currently building), which of those two rates should I use?
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    which of those two rates should I use?
    Both. Potential affiliates will appreciate as much data as possible.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Both. Potential affiliates will appreciate as much data as possible.
      I also agree. Provide both figures and as much other information as possible. Perhaps look for ways to improve traffic quality and drive those conversion rates up.
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    First of all, given it's such a low price point, I highly recommend you actually go with offering all the commission to your affiliates to build yourself a list of buyers.

    Secondly, I'd do as Brent recommends, meaning show both figures, but I'd also give more details about your Facebook campaign, i.e. the traffic demographics you've selected, so they would have an even better idea of how well your product might convert.

    Thirdly, I have no idea if this type of conversion rate is good or not, but what I'd do is talk to someone who has more experience and see if there's way to improve anything that could lead to more conversions, which is the key ingredient to getting professional affiliates to promote your offers.
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