Paid to click programmes are they a waste of time ???

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Hi All,

I was just wondring if people had opinions on paid to click websites. The sites that offer you say 2 cents per email you read. Are they a complete scam or are they worth a bit of fun for peopleto do and make a little bit of pocket money over a certain period. I was not wodering for myself to do but I was looking at promoting a few via affiliate marketing on a website about making money online and having fun online.

Are they bad karma and should I avoid promoting them. Does anyone else here promote any via afiliate links.

Thanks in Advance

Peter Thompson
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    They are not worth it. I was doing that a few years ago. Thank goodness I saw the light! You end up making at best $3 - $5 an hour, maybe.
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      I've done an extensive study on these sites. I won't give you the whole
      report because you'll be reading until next Tuesday. I'll just give you the

      1. Most of these sites are flat out scams. They'll say they will pay so much
      per email read but then when you read the fine print, you learn that there
      is a threshold you have to meet. It's some insane dollar amount that you'll
      never reach.

      2. Other sites will only pay you if you upgrade to paid membership. Then,
      when you do, and finally make your threshold, and put in for payment, you
      never hear from them. Shortly after, they close up the program and
      disappear to the islands.

      3. The ones that DO pay, and they are rare, pay so little per email read
      (something like a tenth of a cent or less) that it just isn't worth it.

      Hope this helps.
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    Paid to read is bad...paid to complete offers and surveys can be good if you want to make a few hundred a month. PM me and I can give you the lowdown on gpt sites since that is my niche, or just google gpt and that will list the good gpt sites.
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      Most are scams .. They are not worth the time..

      If you enjoy clicking a million links for $5.00 after 3 months then more power to you.. I can make $5 in 1 minute without the clicking..

      You can make real money without clicking, reading, referring 1,000 friends and all that other junk..

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