How do I marketing my Fiverr gig?

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What are some good and effective strategies for marketing my fiverr gig?
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    Back when I was doing Fiverr gigs I stayed active on the Fiverr forums. I actually got a lot of gigs that way.

    And while I haven't tried this myself, I've seen some people actively market their gigs on Twitter. I never tried this method, so I can't speak to its effectiveness. There was also some talk of Twitter blocking Fiverr links. Not sure about that.

    Basically, marketing your Fiverr gig is just like marketing any other product or service. Do you have a Facebook page? I've seen some people set up a small website (1-2 pages) to help drive traffic to their gigs.

    Sorry I can't offer any more advice.

    Good luck!
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    Here are some tips:

    - Do email promotions to past customers

    - Drive traffic to your Fiverr gigs outside of Fiverr

    - Start your own freelancing business doing the same thing you do on Fiverr. You can charge more for your services, and actually start seeing bigger chunks of profits on each new client you get.
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      You can try safelists to get impressions, that way your GiG will stand out and Fiverr will promote your GiG.

      Now, safelists are pure crap, do it only to get some impressions, you will not make a single sale from it, also create 1-2 gmail accounts only for this, do not use your personal emails because you will recieve a ton of shit from it.

      Anothing thing that will help you to stand out in the search from Fiverr will be feedback and sales, even if it's your own money, make some friends or family buy your GiG and leave feedback, will help a lot.
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      Put a short explainer video on Youtube and make sure it is optimized with your keywords and a full description. If you have a small budget, you can target Facebook users with ads and link either directly to the gig or to your Facebook page with all your gigs. Don't forget to just network with people. Ask your clients to refer a friend if they liked the gig and you can offer a bonus if they buy a certain number of your gigs.
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    You can your gig url share social media, forum posting, email marketing, video marketing and use marketing others method. Make video on your gig (less then 1 min.), Hope increase your sell.
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    - Forum posting
    - Email your list
    - Blogging
    - Add a video to your gig
    - Improve your fiverr image
    - Offer more value compare to your competitors
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    Originally Posted by naturalreo View Post

    What are some good and effective strategies for marketing my fiverr gig?

    It's my suggestion that you really shouldn't spend any time marketing your services on Fiverr.

    If you do so, it's worth considering that you will:


    * Direct prospects to a marketplace swarmed with competitors (they may click elsewhere and choose another seller on Fiverr) potentially losing a (low ticket) sale.

    * Witness ineffective marketing / conversion ratio, undervaluing your services.

    * Raise brand awareness of Fiverr, advertising others through your own efforts with little to no return.


    I suggest you should consider establishing a website of your own setting a pricing structure that is fair to both you and the client in accordance with your skill level and industry pricing for that skill level.

    Your website is then the secondary channel to potentially generate an income from the same service you offer on Fiverr. Fiverr is the place where you take advantage of their own efforts in marketing (and sellers who make the mistake of advertising it) to garner 'organic' views of your services. i.e visits generated by someone else. You should take advantage of the machine rather than be a cog within it.

    If and when your Fiverr channel receives a fair amount of feedback from your customers, you then have the ability to screenshot that social proof (cutting out anything directly related to Fiverr) to use this on your website which you should spend your time marketing.

    This also applies to all work you do on Fiverr. Carry it over to your website portfolio.

    Let each channel compliment the next - namely Fiverr serving as an asset to establish and populate your website with valuable content.

    Never lead a prospect out into a vast market of competitors on a website unless the site is offering an asset which boasts a value which overshadows the risk of losing the sale, or is a mandatory component in the sale equation. i.e a company who actually manufactures a product or renders a service themselves.

    All the best!
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    It's my suggestion that you really shouldn't spend any time marketing your services on Fiverr.
    I agree. It's counter-intuitive to the whole idea of using someone else's platform to get a share of their traffic.

    You get traffic from it, you don't drive traffic to it.

    The same goes for sites like Youtube, Ebay, Warriors for hire, etc.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Idea of not promoting your fiverr gig is interesting but on fiverr is just so many gigs (also popular and also new every day) that in the beginning without some promotion you will probably get very low sales.

      I also 100% agree that if you can make your own website and sell from there (so you get 100% pretty much of the sum) is much more rent-able business.
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    You should make an unique & good gig. You have some positive & good feedback also. You will be able to share the gigs to your social media sites. Thanks for your advance.

    No advertisement.

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    That's great that you're trying to kill it on Fiverr…they can always use better gigs on there!

    The hardest part with Fiverr is getting traffic to your offer. What I found works is that to get started, have a friend purchase your gig and give you a great review…if it deserves it (I would never condone opening a fake fiverr account to boost your own gigs).

    Also, be sure that you do a little homework and see what your top competitors are offering, then do better!

    And if you're really feeling motivated, you can always spend a few dollars driving traffic to your gig with PPC or even promote it on Facebook and to Facebook groups in related niches!

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    I hope you already got enough response. If you want to get more information, take a look on this thread
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    1.Making good use of your tags
    2.Posting videos
    3.Creating a personal youtube channel
    4.Posting of relevant forums
    5.Purchasing traffic from Fiverr
    6.Commenting on other blogs
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