writing job specs for a rent a coder type site, help please

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I am looking to get something made for an idea I have. Will be using scriptlance or rentacoder etc..

I know what I want to create, but I dont have a clue what platform they would use.

How do you guys post up job specs when you don't know the right terminology to use to best explain

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    The way I do it is always try to be vague but give a decent description. Then when it's time to really negotiate and get the terms down, tell each individual exactly what you want with precise detail. I always tell them exactly what I want, but rarely the name of the product I'm releasing, so they don't get any funny ideas.

    You mentioned platform, I'm going to assume programming platform, like php, .net, C+, Visual Basic, etc... Just tell them your idea and people will suggest a platform, pick one you think you'll be happiest with. For example, php would be a web based environment, .net would need the .net framework installed on any computer it runs on.
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