Which amount of money online you've ever make could make you have the feeling of the winner?

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Hey guys! Hope that you have a great day. When i discussed with one of my friends, after 5 years do affiliate marketing his income is about $30K per month now, but he said to me that kind of amount does not make he have the feeling of the winner. But the first sold he make from 4 years ago. How about you man? Thank you.
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    Any positive ROI (from perspective of money and time invested combined) is a success in business terms. For me at least.
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    Its not so much the money to me....

    But what the money represents.

    I remember when I made my first 97 cent sale 'way back when.

    It was validation I could make money out of thin air (was for a cheatsheet).

    Very powerful feeling, that.
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    I think for most people, the amount of money that makes you feel like a winner depends on your circumstances and the emotional significance of that money.

    If you search "Stefan Pylarinos - making my first $100 in a month online" on YouTube, you'll see exactly what I mean.

    Not to mention, Stefan has lots of great content you should definitely check out.

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      This was a common theme way back in my MLM days.

      A new rep would compare himself to his sponsor and feel like a loser.

      The sponsor would compare herself to an upline leader and feel like a loser.

      The upline leader would compare himself to the superstar on stage at the company convention and feel like a loser.

      The superstar would compare herself to the owner of the company and feel like a loser.

      The whole concept of comparing oneself to others exists only within the gray mush holding your ears apart.

      My once a month golf game became much more enjoyable when I started competing against my own best rather than the serious club golfers I kept getting paired with.

      Which brings me the long way around to your original question.

      The amount that makes me feel like a winner is whatever beats either my personal best or my expectations for a project.
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      Hello Daniel!
      Thank for sharing idea. I agree that stefan has lots of great content and i already check. That's awesome man.
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    I think it depends on each individual

    A person who has made nothing will feel like a winner with 100$ a month
    A person who has been online for 5 years who makes 10k and have not increased their income may not feel like a winner

    To answer your question with a question - how long is a piece of string

    A life and business coach
    Ready to help you make it happen, just ask!

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    It depends on how many times per year that i can wake up, and 3 hours later.... arrive at the airport and go anywhere that i want to go.
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    "Money tolerance" is a real thing and a big factor in the ability of salespeople (and business owners, whether they like the title or not, are salespeople.)

    Your money tolerance moves based on your mindset. But initially it's pre-programmed by some well-meaning but unknowing parent/relative(s) in your very early years.

    Ask yourself: "What is 'a lot' of money?"

    Start at $50. Think about $50. Is this 'a lot' of money? Now move up to $100. Is this? $200? And keep going. Where do you start to feel uncomfortable? That's the point.

    Around 2013 I realized making dribs and drabs from product sales just wasn't good enough.

    My money tolerance was always around "$100K is 'a lot' of money"...that's where it starts. My first job out of college was putting together a sales & marketing system for worldwide distribution of industrial gas turbine generator sets and other power plants--things that cost a minimum of $200K in the mid-90s. $3-5 million on the top end for the turbines...more for the diesels. That first "real" job experience helped cement my money tolerance.

    In 2014 I solidified my pricing strategy. Embedded in that is what a fair minimum price that you'll wheel the cannons out of the barn and go to work for is. Money tolerance plays a part here, though this thread has got me thinking...(my # was like 1% of what I think of as "a lot of money"?? $1500 was the minimum 'you get me, 1-on-1' project minimum back then, and I don't like thinking of myself as a 1%-achiever...)

    Occasionally I've broken this rule for short term bumps...like when we wanted a new dog, or I had an unexpected car repair to cover. I think that's OK because there's a specific purpose, and I still feel good with the trade because I'm getting something specific...rather than an abstract amount of money/potential energy. That's the real question: "What amount do I feel good about receiving in exchange for what I do?"

    By late 2014 it had moved up to $2500. But now I'm really questioning that, as a whopping 2.5% of what I value.

    We all have limiting beliefs. And they move. You'll never be rid of them. But it sure pays to be aware of what they are.
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    Originally Posted by Tonny Robb View Post

    Hey guys! Hope that you have a great day. When i discussed with one of my friends, after 5 years do affiliate marketing his income is about $30K per month now, but he said to me that kind of amount does not make he have the feeling of the winner. But the first sold he make from 4 years ago. How about you man? Thank you.
    It was $1000 per month, years ago.

    Then it was $10k. Then $50k. Then $100k.

    I've now surpassed that $100k per month (most months) and have now realised that no amount of money changes your self identity. It's not about external rewards, like money, it's about self-perception.

    Good luck with your venture.
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    The sale that did it for me was the very first sale that I ever made online...$50 (profit).

    It wasn't much but it did feel to me like a million bucks!

    I was feeling like hey...

    This Internet thing really can work
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      Chasing money and focusing on some amount that will make you "the winner" (as you put it) is honestly, a losing battle.

      As most of the people responding to this thread have suggested, that "goal" of how much satisfies you moves up the scale higher and higher with your own expectations and positive results.

      IMO, the key to actual happiness is this: don't let the money become the most important driver or metric of your success. If the money defines your success and who you are as a person, you will never be satisfied. Your goal will always be a moving target going higher and higher and you will always feel unsatisfied.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Yeah, this is interesting of human being right? This is does not about the amount. The feeling of us is very depends and interesting.
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    Great question! I think like most people out there the answer is probably something like 'enough so I can quite my job and live life on my terms!' or something like that!

    I hope that helps and best of luck!
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    I think there are multiple scales to this. Where getting that first conversion or turning a profit is exciting and rightfully so, because your winning and you start to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

    After that I think there are levels that strictly personal to the individual until you hit the $10K per month. I would agree 100% with another poster that wrote that the $10K $25K, $50K and $100K per month marks are going to be key levels that changes you.

    However, I might change $25K per month to $1000 per day and from that point on, for some you could probably remove $50K and the $100K per month level becomes that next big physiological trigger. After that, I think it all becomes personal as to what the next level that they need to hit, to get that feeling again.
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