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GOAL SETTING. The road map to your future. The most inportant question is,
who do i want to become? There are never one single key to success but,
There are different series of keys to success.
Desire it, believe it, and have it.
If it's possible for anyone to create his future, why is it that many are not creating it?
Application: apply the information you got and the principle and you will get the result
you desire.
What dose it means to set a goal?
To set a goal means to set your time table.
Critical element of goal setting: it must have a completion date.
What will it take for me to archieve my goal?
Every goal you set has a price tag, there's something you must give for you to have it.
Adiquate preparation: what dose it means? Finally. start from where you are and with
what you have, it is very rare for you to have evreything you need to archieve your goal
at the very begining.
Sometimes all you will have is just your deam and faith in God that your dean will come
true. So, hold on to that dream.
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