How to Choose a Niche to Start Your Online Marketing Journey

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You have decided to go into internet marketing, but you don't know which item to market. You see all the big successful internet marketers who have been working on their niches for the past 5 to 10 years, and you realize that every niche has been taken. This is not the way to go about carving a successful niche. You have to be smart and positive. You can also think small. As small as a self-sustaining niche.

To choose a niche which can have a glorious start and great sustainability, you need to do a few things. Follow these steps to get the niche you want. A no-brainer self-sustaining small market where people will flock with the least effort on your part.

1. Decide on your passion. What is your passion? If you know something which only a few people know about, and are very passionate about it, then that is a good start. You need to be passionate about something in order to make it work. You need that passion because you will encounter days when you are not motivated, and when you cannot write a single word without thinking hard. If you are passionate about something, you can write about it in your sleep, and still be understandable, readable and interesting. That passion is now your keyword. You will write a lot about that keyword, so you better be comfortable with it.

2. Find the right long-tail keyword. Using your passion, you now have a keyword. The next step is to refine it. When you use that keyword on a search engine, you will find a million web pages about it. That is how many competitors you have. You will never win against a million competitors. Go to Google Adwords and enter your keyword. Google Adwords is an easy to learn tool where you can find out the number of web pages which a specific keyword. Also on this site, you can refine your keyword search to find those keywords which have a lot of searches. You want a keyword which has few competitors but a ton of searches. You will end up with a long tail keyword of about 3 to 4 words which has around 100 or less web results, but more than a thousand searches. Create a short list of these keywords.

3. Go to Tumblr and look for images. Tumblr is a high volume website with plenty of micro-bloggers who re-post, and share pictures. Use your long tail keyword list and search for pictures and blogs about it. You need a keyword which has a lot of pages which post, share or repost pictures for your long-tail keyword. You will need these websites to share their posts. You can do this automatically using third-party automation tools on the web.

The strategy is simple: write about your passion to a large number of people, with only a few other persons talking about it. These people have little choice but to go to your site because you are passionate about it and you keep the site updated. If you cannot update the site with a new blog post, then post a picture from Tumblr, or Pinterest, or from Instagram. Remember to link to the original post and give attribution.
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    Thanks for creating this thread.

    This would really be a big help for me especially now that I am starting a business and online marketing is really a great help for entrepreneurs like me.

    Passion is really a great factor in the success of a business.

    Of course we focus on doing what we really love for us to excel more.
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      Supply and demand. That's it. The once you have your market and niche you find a product to affiliate yourself with that is proven to convert and sell.

      That's it!

      Separate yourself from the competition send the traffic, convert that traffic and watch the money come in.
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    Passion Is Important But It Will Take Time Also , which mean Patience is as important as Passion ,

    So Everyone Should Choose Between Time and Money , If You Spend Money you will Save Time and

    If You Saved Money You will Take Much Time
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    Going for a small market will take more time to build up your income. If there is not much competition, either you have discovered something really new, or there are not many customers. You can have quicker results in a big market, but it depends on how you approach it. Don't concentrate on Google, for one thing; there are other search engines and PPC platforms available! These can create a very decent income, as there is a huge amount of traffic going through many different sites.
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    Originally Posted by Mr Sultan View Post

    You can do this automatically using third-party automation tools on the web.
    Like what? I can't think of any because the statement above is ambiguous.

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    I've always said that the best niche to get involved in is one where there is:

    - a proven market of buyers that can support your income goals

    - a passion you have for the subject material itself as it's always easier to work on things you actually enjoy

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    From my experience, the best niche should accomplish with the following points:
    - A huge market of sellers
    - A huge competition
    - Something you like / enjoy writing.

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    Passion is what motivated me to keep on going. Like even when I was seeing difficult times, passion is what helped. Most mistakes new internet marketers make is that they just start their businesses without actually thinking that "hey, do I like what I'm doing?"
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    The good thing with the online world and many possibilities is that you can usually find a subject or something that you like and then focus on it as a niche. Passion wise, this is the way to go.

    So, you have always wanted blue widgets, and then you start promoting blue widgets and get your own blue widget. Great and simple.

    If everyone worked like this, then everyone would have what they wanted.

    As Zig Ziglar says - You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.
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