How To Find Niche Ideas For Your Business Using Udemy

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Hi guys,

I'm currently in the niche research step of my online business and I am currently at Udemy. I was wondering, how do you find niche ideas to build your business on within Udemy? I understand you just go to the bestsellers & check out what is already in demand, but, is there a video of some sort of guide that someone has already done? I want a step-by-step & detailed guide - not the "rush through" type of ones.

Really hoping that someone out there has done this type of work.

Cheers to all answers,

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    There are many courses on this at Udemy. just do a search their


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    Checking the most popular courses there should give enough ideas of profitable niches. But if that's not enough, you can check an affiliate network like Clickbank Marketplace and see the most popular products in any industry.

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    Then don't look at Udemy! Udemy is where you want your course. To look at what others done means nothing really. An expert could be putting out a lot on a topic or a group of people could be putting out a lot. Does not mean it is the best

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    Pick a topic of your expertise, then check the best sellers on that topic. Think of a more specific that will appeal or offer a solution to active udemy users.
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    I check Amazon books, Clickbank sellers, other affiliate vendors, I've just been checking subscription services with recurring billing (physical products), I look at paid ads in newspapers, in magazines and on websites (and the Big G). I never thought about looking at Udemy, that's a good place to check.

    In a nutshell, I like to look at the popular places where people are already selling things. And then keep an extra eye out on the sites that I visit personally for things to sell that I'd be interested in personally.
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