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I'm tearing my hair out. I'm trying to transfer a theme for my web site I have downloaded to my downloads. I have a wordpress blank web site. I go to site manager, new site, but who is my host? Is it my web site or is it hostgator (already set up). I have inserted my web site name. Directory listing is successful and in the four panels my C drive is on the left, on the right is "remote" and that is empty. Bottom left panel is documents in my C drive and in the bottom right panel is what looks like the control panel for my site. In the control panel it looks like the theme is there but my web site is still a wordpress blank. What have I done wrong?
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    When you set up a new site, the host is your domain name.

    Make sure you're using the correct admin ftp login details or you may just be getting the basic anonymous ftp login which doesn't show you all your folders.

    If those details are right you should see at least two folders - public_html and www - they're both the same thing and if wordpress is installed, inside either of those folders you should see wp-admin, wp-content etc..... the wordpress directories, the content one should have a sub folder called themes where you put your theme files.


    nothing to see here.

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    Say your domain name was, you would put

    Did you change the directory on the remote side to the themes directory for wordpress?


    Did you active the theme from within your WP admin?
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      thank you for your quick reply. I put "www" instead of "ftp", so I have changed that. I have downloaded the theme from wordpress into my C drive under my "downloads". I know it has to be transferred to "themes" under "wp content". What next? I have tried tutorials but it has not worked so far.
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        Originally Posted by benlauren View Post

        thank you for your quick reply. I put "www" instead of "ftp", so I have changed that. I have downloaded the theme from wordpress into my C drive under my "downloads". I know it has to be transferred to "themes" under "wp content". What next? I have tried tutorials but it has not worked so far.
        Login into your wordpress dashboard via the browser. So http// Enter username and password you set for wordpress. Now you get the dashboard up. If you look on the left hand side you have loads of options. Hit 'appearances' then 'add new theme'. Up pops a new menu for Themes in the main browser window. Under the Themes title (at the top) are a number of options. The 2nd one is 'upload'. If you hit that it gives you a search bar and 'browse' button. Hit browse to the location on your computer of the theme hit enter and it'll upload the new theme for you.


        ps. This is a longer way than Andy has described and not using an ftp client!
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          thank you so much. I have done it your way even though I would really like to understand FTP. It has worked fine and I should have thought of that but my favoured design was not there so I have settled for second best. Now to start building the site. It's thinfoodfast. com if you want to have a look. Thanks again.
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    Google Filezilla tutorial.
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    I have hostagator as well. First thing I did was set up my domain name thru namecheap because it gives you free who is protection.
    Second I went to my my hosting account which is hostgator.
    Third transfered the domain name from namecheap to hostgator.
    Fourth in hostgator go to add on domain name under domain section of control panel
    Fifth in hostgator look for fantastico to download wordpress located in software/services.
    sixth setup ftp account for new domain name
    seventh once this account is setup go to column that says configure ftp client.
    eighth look at setup for filezilla and copy this info down to input to filezilla when you start the software up.
    ninth go to the file manager in hostgator control panel.
    tenth once inside file manager go to the wordpress theme directory under your new domain name.
    eleventh start up filezilla put in info you got from step eight make sure it says you have successfully connected.
    twelveth in file manager click on upload files and you should be able to upload files one at time or in a zip file.
    Good luck!
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    Ben, hi,

    If you're interested in learning about FTP this article may help to get you started:

    I also use Hostgator hosting so if you've still got questions after going through that article let me know and we'll get it sorted out.


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