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Hi all, I have a premium domain for sale on Flippa, and it isn't getting much traffic.and it has a few days left. I have been adding comments every other day trying to get it noticed. I think I have a really good description, but I am not sure. I could use your help Warriors.

Tactics to get it noticed.

Thanks in advance
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    Could the reality be that no one has an interest in your domain?

    It may be that you're not doing anything wrong . . . you have just fallen in love with your own domain that really isn't worth $10,000 as you claim.

    This is just my opinion ... generic domains are not what businesses and most people want. They want domains that are memorable in their niche and have meaning for their business.

    Also hurting your domain is the fact that it has a number at the start.

    Think about this, you can buy the domain "3ultra.com" for 99 cents at Godaddy right now. It's not much different than your domain.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am trying to suggest what may be the real problem here.


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    People erroneously call their domains premium, when they aren't really premium. ultra.com would be premium .... 2ultra not so much. Has good age but is probably nowhere near worth what you are expecting to get from it. Will take someone who likes it as much as you do, and I don't see a big demand for it, personally.
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    Thank you Steve B, and sbucciarel. First I am not in love with the domain or I wouldn't be selling it. I went to a site estimator and $10 grand is what they estimated it at. I really appreciate your comments and will adjust pricing immediately, see if that helps get eyeballs on it.

    One more question:. I have another aged domain UIWT.net now the dot com is for sale for 6 grand, what price would you estimate that one at?
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    1. Most domain speculators don't even look at domain age anymore.

    2. Domain name "appraisals" are worthless, by and large.

    3. True "Premium" domains are few and if you truly have a premium domain, flippa probably isn't the best way to unload it. You need to be doing some heavy cold calling or get a broker to do it for you.

    4. You should probably hang out at some domain name forums to get a better idea of what you can realistically sell your domain for both to a speculator (less money) and to an end user. Internet marketing is a far cry from domain flipping.
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    That's great that you're trying to flip a domain! Like any type of marketing, it all depends upon getting the right traffic in front of your offer.

    Depending upon what your domain is targeted towards, you should try to find people who may be interested from places like Facebook/Facebook groups, Blogs, Forums and even a Google search. Once you find people who you know may be interested, just ask them if they would like to own the domain. This may take a little work initially on your part but should pay off in the end!

    I hope that helps and good luck!

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    All the Flippa action happens in the last few hours
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    2ultra.com = maybe $50/$100 if you're lucky but it's more reg fee type domain with not many end users at all. Who wants to be 2nd ultra?

    UIWT.net - if it was a .com it would go for around $400 but since it's a net maybe $50/$100?

    These are average current prices based on auction listings and recent sales - i'm in the industry.

    If you're looking for more then find an end user or just list it with godaddy/afternic/sedo and wait (you could be waiting a very long time to sell these domains as there will not be much interest unfortunately)
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    Thank you warriors, you have given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate it.
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    I have also decided to keep hold of some 50 domains for 5 years.. if i lose.. thats it.. may be 400 to 500 dollar a year.. i will take it as a learning .. investing to gain experience.. study etc... i can see some seller on flippa selling some domain similar to mine.... at high price.. but.. mine is not getting traffic... onpageseo, wpseo, seositedesign, ironia, tulpas, unjobs, 121x, PHYSICREADER, datingsites, secretdating, datingagency, jobapplication, etc was main keyword for the domain with co, io, net, com, xyz, agency, site etc extension....
    not sure how they get traffic and watchers..
    is there a place where we can do cpc or buy traffic or paid advertisement for domain sale link?

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    Yeah there are a lot of things at stack here that we just don't have the information. Like supply and demand could be your template or content. Do you have any past selling experience on Flippa.

    Also take a look at all the top sellers and also sellers that have made recent sales and is your content and set up in line with theirs? Keep at it
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    Very few names are genuinely premium. Domain names still play a part in the website but mostly for branding purposes.
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