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Hi guys and girls,

I've just immersed myself in the world of IM and am about to launch my 1st niche blog,marketing affiliate products.
I just need help with this....

Say I've chosen the niche- hairbrushes for curly hair
(And I want to be found on google for that keyword search,as just the word "hairbrush" is to competitive and my site would never be found)

Can I then blog about and market other products of interest ie hair clips
And call the website hair talk or something broad.
possibly turn it into an authoritive site down the track?

Or is it best to really stick to the niche subject and title the site brushesforcurls
and just write posts all on that one subject.

I hope this makes sense,I know what I want to ask but somehow it's not translating well on paper lol
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    I think you explained yourself very well and, YES, you can do exactly that.

    You might list all the different things you could write about on a site about hair care and then organize those topics into categories so you know how to organize your posts/navigation menu.
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    That is a very good model. You want to target a niche product in order to find less competitive keywords, etc. So focusing on "hairbrushes for curly hair", for example, is a good idea.

    But you want to keep the potential to expand your market as your experience and authority grow. So you want a brand/domain that can expand as you expand in the niche.

    This is a good way to go especially since EMDs were devalued. You will get little SEO benefit (and no branding) from using a domain like "hairbrushesforcurlyhaironline.com"

    In your examples, a broad site like Hair Talk would be better in the long term than brushesforcurls.com.

    Although the latter is perfectly acceptable for a niche site you do not plan on growing beyond its specialization.
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    Thanks everyone really appreciate the advice!
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