Let's list Top 100 Tips to Improve Your Affiliate System!

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Hey guys,

I want to make this thread a list of us sharing ideas...specifically for IMPROVING your
own affiliate system.

This is for people who have their own products & sharing TIPS to improve your affiliate
system so MORE affiliates are attracted & working harder for you.

So what are your tips? Let's get 100 Tips so we can improve our affiliate system!

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    1) make it easy for them to promote you

    - provide a/r content
    - links
    - banners & buttons
    - rebrandables
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      Cool thread.

      Something I've been working on this week is allowing my affiliates to take subscriptions for an autoresponder series using a small form that they can put on their own site.

      Here's a non-working example so that you get the idea:


      All the email that my series sends out is full of links that have the affiliate's ID appended.

      The form is served from my own site so I'll be able to test formats for best performance.

      I'll have a page on my site where the affiliate simply enters their ID, clicks a button then copies the code into their web page.

      I'm looking forward to seeing how well this works. It should be ready for rollout next week hopefully and I'll be happy to post back the results if anyone's interested.



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        if you have multiple products, provide a data feed so that people can promote as much or as little of what's available as possible.

        Work on JV's to get them to put their affiliate links into permanent parts of their system (like their ARs) so that you get continuous benefit and not a one-time promotion before they move on to other things.

        provide as much promotional material and viral tools as possible to make it a plug and play no-brainer for them to plug you into their systems.


        nothing to see here.

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    3. Make it worth their while to keep promoting your products.

    A. Give them a good commission (obviously).
    B. Create high-quality products. The best affiliates WILL care about their reputation.
    C. Offer sales incentives at different levels.
    D. Keep anything the potential customer will see/own up to date. (Overture is closed, people )


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      Make a affiliate race and give nice prices.

      I for example give to my top 3 affiliates, if they break a sales barreer a Full HD TV, PlayStation3(TM), 24" Full HD PC-Monitor.

      The key is to get them motivated and to reward your top affiliates. They are your friends!

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        1. Create a high quality product people have a desperate need for.

        2. Create a sales letter that has a fantastic conversion rate.

        3. Give away outrageously generous commissions (100% is good! commissions paid instantly into your affiliates paypal account is even better).

        4. Give your affiliates great emails to send and good high quality content they can send their list to and still get paid their full commissions.

        Kindest regards,
        Andrew Cavanagh
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          TIP: Allow affiliates to track the conversions on the traffic they're sending you by allowing them to use tracking ids!!!

          If I have my metrics, I can optimize my offers and make you affiliate program owners more money!

          More on this here...


          Carry on...

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            I see too many merchants rushing out to launch an affiliate program when they have a brand new site and/or a brand new product. You need to do some PPC 1st and do some conversion testing and tweaking before you launch a program.

            You can offer a sky high commission and everything else... but if your site doesn't convert because: your price point is wrong OR the cart is cumbersome OR the offer isn't structured right OR your landing page sucks - Affiliates won't make any money and all your recruiting efforts and all that time was wasted.

            Conversion test 1st. Affiliates are paid on straight commission and it's not fair for them to do free advertising for you and then just lose their traffic because your site is not up to par.

            REMEMBER even the big boys like Amazon still do conversion testing. Sometimes they make a tweak their marketing gurus think will help conversions and instead it hurts. WHY??? The proof is in the pudding. You can think you have the greatest product and site ever, but you have no way of knowing if it's going to convert until you get it in front of a bunch of targeted visitors. Fastest way to do that is PPC. Trust me if your site isn't converting and you are watching your PPC $ go out the window, you'll fix things fast.

            Do that process BEFORE you even think about an affiliate program.

            Hope this helps and best of luck!

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              here's some of the things I've looked for as an affiliate.

              1) banners. Optimize them for CTR - they're not for branding yourself!

              2) articles and reports with my affiliate ID in the links. GOOD artciles - NOT sales copy.

              3) emails. decent email that pre-sells - not sales copy! The vast majority of the emails product owners have for affiliates are terrible. They are dripping with hype and ego, and are nothing but a short sales letter. I would never send it to my list. A decent AR sequence (with content) would be really cool too.

              4) graphics - ebook covers, etc.

              I also will sign up to your list. When I click on links in your email, I better still see my affiliate ID when i click on the purchase button!!!


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                If you have a price increase scheduled (and have told affiliates about it), stick with the schedule. Don't raise the price early.

                You would think this would be common sense, but...

                I got burned by that the other day when someone decided to raise his price early- I mentioned in my email that the product was at a specific price, which wasn't true within hours of sending the message. So it made me look like I didn't know what was going on (at best).


                Another way to alienate affiliates: keep focusing on the top 10. Really rub in the great prizes the top sellers are going to get and how the average affiliates won't be able to catch them. Remind them how insignificant they are.
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