Capturing eMail Addresses in FB posts?!

by rbowen
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I'm going to build up a Fan Page for a niche that I want to use to promote an affiliate offer.

After I've got a sufficient # of posts on it, I'll make a post about the affiliate product & offer a very nice "gift" if/when they just "click here".

At that point, I'd like to use a FB app or the like so that FB will capture their email address - behind the scenes, without the prospect being aware of it. And the prospect would be transferred to the vendor's squeeze/landing page, where the prospect would opt-in for the gift.

I don't want to ask the prospect to opt-in while on my Fan Page & then have them opt-in again on the vendor's squeeze/landing page. Some (many?) probably wouldn't opt-in twice. At least I'd have their email address, but they might not want to hear from me again. Besides, ultimately, I want them in the vendor's sales funnel (with my affili ID).

I vaguely remember someone was promoting an app or some software-tool or whatever , but I forget who or what? But I do remember it was expensive - at least for me (a retired 70yr old, just getting by on his meager Social Security check).

Can anyone help me out with A) a tool for doing that (capturing the email address within the post on my Fan Page) &/or B) the name of the developer &/orf the tool I'm thinking of?

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    I personally make a nice post on my page with my offer and make it stay at the top with the "pin to top" option.

    The post brings the use to a landing page I have set which has the opt in box. Once they sign up they are automatically sent the free report and at the same time sent to the affiliate offer.

    I am sure you can get an opt in box on FB some other way but really never looked into it as my way works really well. I know you have have a tab at the top under your cover but to me, nobody really looks at those.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah, that would work in general. But in this case, I don't have the 'gift' so I can't deliver it - only the vendor can. And besides, I def want the prospect in the vendor's extensive sales funnel.

      So I have to find an app or some other way to get the the prospect to click, receive their email addy from FB & transfer them to the vendor's sq page.

      I don't want to try to get the prospect to opt-in twice - that'll probably turn them off.

      Thnx anyway.

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    I think that the software you are looking for is called Leads Tunnel. The software is a product from Anik Singal, Fred Lam and Jimmy Kim. A summary of how it works is as follows: 1. A Facebook user sees your ad or link and clicks on it. 2. Their information is entered into the lead form automatically. 3. Once the user hits the "submit" button he or she is entered into your email list.

    Try googling "Leads Tunnel" for more information.
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    Originally Posted by rbowen View Post


    At that point, I'd like to use a FB app or the like so that FB will capture their email address - behind the scenes, without the prospect being aware of it.
    I might be getting it wrong but isn't that unethical and bordering on illegal...
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      David: Thanks. I'll check it out. But I'm not going to be doing this through a FB ad - I'll make a post with the affiliate 'gift' within it on my Fan Page, pin it to the top, and go from there. We'll see what Lead Tunnel offers.
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        SalesGuru -

        No, it's done through (or as) an API from FB itself .. at least the way I understand it.
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