Clickbank - Do customers receive REBILL notifications?

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Since switching to Clickbank as a Payment Processor over Paypal, I noticed my cancellation rates drop below 1%. It was higher under Paypal.

I'm trying to figure out the reason:

I know paypal send an email when you got rebilled, does clickbank do the same thing?

Or maybe it's easier to cancel in paypal vs clickbank?

Does anyone have similar stories?
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    Originally Posted by topcoder View Post

    I'm trying to figure out the reason:

    I know paypal send an email when you got rebilled, does clickbank do the same thing?
    Since you are using Clickbank don't you think it would be a good start to ask them seeing as they are handling your payments?

    Originally Posted by topcoder View Post

    Does anyone have similar stories?
    What do you mean by "similar stories"

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    for is best for now my payment with bank
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    I called, they get the rebill notification the day they are rebilled. On quarterly products it's 3 days prior to being rebilled.
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      Yes they do. They also rebill test transactions which can be annoying, especially if you've carried out a number using different email addresses. So the following instructions from CB to me may be of help to you, too.

      CB test orders behave in the exact same way as real sales do, sending all the same receipts and notifications that real sales do. The only difference is that they do not earn actual money because they are just tests.

      When you perform your test purchase of the item using the test credit card information in your account, a test sale is created. Since the item being tested is a recurring billing item, you will receive test recurring billing receipts at the time when normal rebilling would happen for your customers.

      If you would no longer like to receive test rebill notifications you can cancel the test subscription from within your account the same way you would cancel a real customer's subscription on the Transactions page.

      Simply log in to your account, and visit the Transactions page under the Reporting tab. Under the Transactions page, uncheck all boxes except "Test Sale". Make sure the Test Sale box is checked and perform a search. You will be able to see all the test purchases you made when you were preparing your product for approval.

      Locate the test sale you made for the recurring billing item and click the "T" symbol under the actions column. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to create a cancellation ticket.

      When the ticket comes up, select "More options..." from the drop-down menu and choose the option to either refund or cancel the test sale as you needed.

      Make a comment showing that you are cancelling or refunding the test sale and then process the by pressing the "Send" button.

      Once you have created the ticket, just leave it alone and the cancellation will be processed within 24 hours. You will stop receiving any further test rebill notifications for that test sale.

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