What WordPress themes in your opinion are best for Amazon Niche websites?

by jclee4
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Im using schema theme at the moment. Which is very clean. Are there any other themes you guys would recommend? That also rank well.
For Niche websites. Iv'e seen a theme in themeforest called "Splash". I liked how that looked. Very organized articles wise.
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    I've used Thesis for several websites and I like it a lot. I also have one site using Enfold and I plan to use Generate Press for an upcoming site. It looks very promising for my set-up.
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      I think that any theme that you are comfortable with is good enough. A clean-looking theme, that loads easily and allows you to integrate on page SEO is all you need to start.
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        Originally Posted by jipolis7 View Post

        I think that any theme that you are comfortable with is good enough. A clean-looking theme, that loads easily and allows you to integrate on page SEO is all you need to start.
        Excellent point. Schema is a fast loading, clean theme. If you're happy with it, I'd just stick with it.
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  • I agree that Genesis themes are great. A very clean theme is highly recommended that draws attention to your reviews and the products that you are promoting. It seems the less "salesy" looking the better these days. It's a great way to build trust.

    Have a blissful day.


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    Schema is the best choice. It really loads faster than any.

    You can also get to choose from wide variety and they are all perfect.
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    You can find out these best wordpress themes The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2016 - WpThemesChecker right here.


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    This question is asked all the time. The simple answer is. Use the one you like, It does not really matter. Currently I use the themes at Theme-junkie and Ready Themes. But, I also have an affiliate site that uses the twenty twelve theme that comes with your wordpress install.

    Although, one thing I have read over and over is the worst themes for amazon sites are the ones developed for amazon sites. I have never used one myself, I have just read this. There are some pretty good amazon plugins though.


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    So many to try. Thanks guys. Might try one of these for my next website. Guess I picked a good one with schema.
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    i've used Shaifa, X Themes and WooCommerce Canvas wordpress theme for affiliate and woocommerce like affiliate site.
    So far I have come to conclusion that all these wordpress paid themes have various issues but stylewise they looks pretty beautiful (everything has its own flaws).
    Shaifa - Shaifa theme is good for affiliates blog, the theme comes with powerful panel whivh control almost all of its elements. Though there is no need to look for any other style or widget related plugin for this theme, also landing page creation is easy. The only issue with that themes is woocommerce is not profesionally coded.
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    Oh sorry I am new to this forum clicked enter and now not able to edit the past post so...
    Canvas Woothemes - A perfect pick for woocommerce integration. Canvas is best for simple wordpress blogs too, like story sharing and stuff. In affiliate point of view, canvas will do great. The only issue is woocommerce product integration in post makes it look horrible. This theme also have varied options in its own panel. You can also include script and codes via control panel. Change the layout of theme, control size of blog.

    X theme - an expensive theme but worth every penny, X theme is a multipurpose wordpress theme which help you to make any type of blog. I've had use it only for wocommerce and blogging only. This theme comes with its own front page editor and few many paid plugin.

    Currently using canvas on of my theme should check it out. - myandroidphone.in
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    The real answer is that it depends on the SUBJECT of the niche.

    The best modern-looking theme in the world would be wrong for a site on antiques.

    (Good) design is about how different things go together, NOT about the individual elements. What you need is the theme that is the best match for the niche, although there are other factors, such as the SEO quality of the theme (although most themes say they are "SEO optimized" these days, most of the time it's not true. See Yoast for advice on that).

    Look at other websites on the niche in question, look at the style and "feel" of them.

    It is usually good to include some images that relate to the niche, near the top of the page (typically in the header), so that a visitor will instantly know they are in the right place.

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    Any theme that is not complicating things too much is good. Don't overthink it. Just choose the theme with clean design that allows right sidebar. That's it.
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    1. Ultimate Azon
    2. Clipper WordPress Theme
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