In theory: If Duplicate Content Penalties do not exist

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I am posting this so that if my line of thinking is incorrect, someone can set me straight.

If duplicate content penalties do not exist, then in theory it wouldn't matter how much duplicate content you had on the net. That is if it all linked to your affiliate link, landing page, or website.

So what if Google hides some of it. Any of that content showing up is a good thing for you, so the more of it the better. More backlinks, more content floating around with your links.

So with this, here is a strategy that I suggest for article marketing(and I assume many are doing already).

2 Main articles:
Create 2 main articles covering the same topic, but with different perspectives and information. They can even basically say the same thing, just in a different way. This can be achieved easily by writing an article with 10 main points. Divide the article into 5 points each for an article, and easily you have produced 2 articles. When they click through to the next article they are then given 5 more (different) points.

One article would go on your landing page, blog, site, etc.

The other article would get mass produced around the internet by you. Maybe a little spinning, but certainly not necessary if you are doing free methods of marketing with different aliases.

This second article would link directly to your affiliate link when possible (, etc)

Am I missing something?
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    There are so many different scenarios as to duplicate content
    that I no longer worry about

    I use a article submission service and every time I submit an
    article to them....they distribute it to about 1000 different sites...
    so I guess yiou cant get more " duplicate content " than that.
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    Sounds fine. There's no real need for you to only post the one on your own site. Just make sure that wherever you post it first is the one you most want to show in the search engines. After that's been indexed, you can distribute it as much as you want.
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  • You don't understand what duplicate content is in the eyes of Google.

    Google does not penalize, they reward. They reward ONE VERSION of the content. The rest are not rewarded. This is no a small scale... large sites are not impacted. And by large I mean Authority not number of pages.

    So write a zillion articles and it won't matter. The site they choose to reward gets the "credit".

    Google is SOFTWARE. There are Billions of pages. The software decides which pages are important and which are not. Human intervention in the ranking process on Googles end doesn't not happen very often.

    If there were a Penalty then News sites would be slammed hard because a single Reuters story can hit thousands of sites!

    Backlinks ONLY matter if they are from sites that Google thinks are important.
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