How would you change my niche site? a critique please

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I'd like to know what you'd change?

I'm keen to keep it as a static site, rather than using WP fantastico - only because I'm familiar with my editor.

Some of the product's links are not yet live, as I need to update some cloaking.

I will be promoting this page, and these products through my list thus:

1. write/submit articles
2. Bio has link to my squeeze/landing page & freeb
3. Email series set up in autoresponder
4. Potential clients receive emails of free info/content, plus promos to the product page, above.

As I'm marketing to my list, I've not really set out to create a review page per se, just a brief description of products I'm recommending, although a couple do have a full reviews. I will be emailing/promoting the webpage, and certain products individually.

Maybe it should be a review page? and if so, I could either follow the conduit method or research online.

I have more products and could add them too, but thought I'd promo them to my list in solo shots.

Thoughts appreciated, thanks
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    The reason that you've not received any replies to your request is because there really is no way to reply and be nice. But I'm not really nice anyway, so I'll take a stab at it. .

    The site looks like a site that hasn't been updated since about 1999. If I landed there I would assume it was an abandoned property.

    I would suggest you google "short term trading recommendations" and check out your competition. I did, and your site just doesn't measure up to them. Not for SEO, not for layout, not for content, not for much of anything. Even in your the page's <title> you've spelled the word term t-r-e-m. May seem like no big deal, but little stuff like that can really add up to a big deal.

    You also state that your "not setting out to create a review page", yet it really looks like a review page. A rose by any other name is still a rose. What you've got is a review page. So own it and make it a good one.

    BTW, for the search phrases "short term trading" and "short term trading recommendations" the number 1 spot is held by a blog on blogspot. Makes you think doesn't it? That site has a PR of 2, while the number 2 spot for "short term trading recommendations" is held by a site with a PR of 5. Again making one go hmmmm.

    Those facts by themselves don't really mean anything. However, with a bit of digging I'm sure you could find ways to outrank them both.

    The bottom line is that the site needs work. A fact that you are already aware of.

    If I were you I'd get in contact with our fellow warrior Darren over at and see if you couldn't get yourself a more up to date site template to use. He, and his partner Smitty, do excellent work in a timely manner. And they will not require you to empty your bank account for their services.

    Just keep on chugging you'll get there.

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