Wordpress confusion - advice/help needed again

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I have just started my first WordPress site, but can't seem to get it to behave itself. The problem could lie with the theme I have used.

I have set the site to show up to 15 summaries per page, but full posts are still showing and I can't figure out why.

Also, I would like the home page to stay the same permanently, with the other pages reflecting the new posts as they are published, but don't know how to do this.

I am using the Atomic Blogging 2 theme which seems to be quite involved and have been looking for information/tuition on how to use it properly but have not much luck so far.

I have quite a few pages and lots of posts to add, but don't want to go any further until I have at least sorted out the basic problems.

Any assistance with the above will be gratefully received.

#advice or help #confusion #needed #wordpress

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