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I've picked up a couple of domains, both for long-term projects and hopes, one being my proper name. I assume everyone does at least their own name... ?

Tonight I want to grab one for a short-term, get your feet wet, but especially make that first online sale, project. I have in mind one ebook, so far. I've checked the keywords people would likely use to research the problem my ebook would solve (if I may be so bold), and found the google results to range from 1 to 4 million. Nothing in the first 10 results, and nothing in the sponsored links, that directly competes with my idea, but two that skirt around it. So far so good, imho.

Headed over to namecheap and looked at a few domains using those keywords, they are all available, that's good too, afaik!

My main question, finally, is this: should I plan ahead on the hope and expectation that I will write more ebooks on related topics? I'm thinking, "probably". But that broadens the keywords. How do I account for the possibility that I'll expand into related topics, plan on registering later more domains with names centered on those keywords?
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