Random acts of Kindness- can we make it global?

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September the First in New Zealand is Random acts of kindness day- where the nation works on being kind to others for no reason other than to be kind.

It's about individuals reaching out and paying for a stranger's coffee, or giving someone baking, or paying off another person's debt.

It's not my site- Welcome to RAK but it is something I do believe in

I was thinking about how cool it would be to take this internationally, and since this forum is full of some of the cleverest, and best networked people I know...


Is it possible? Not maybe for 2009, but for 2010. Who would be interested in getting international press and info out there to make Sept One International Random Acts of Kindess day?

I've arranged with an ice cream manufacturer to give away icecream on that day. There are so many things that can be done...

Oh- and yes, this forum is about making money. But one thing I have learnt, is that if you give outof what you have, more is given to you. The cool thing is all you have to give is kindness, you don't need piles of money to start the ball rolling....
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    Hi rachel

    this is a wonderful idea and i will check it out kindness isnt as forthcoming as it could be.

    kind regards

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