Best Format to Sell an E-book (Non-Kindle)

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Hi there,

Pretty straightforward question. I'm done with my ebook on photography and am ready to sell it now. I've always used Amazon kindle up till now but this time want to sell it on my own.

I have converted my word doc to a PDF and it's ready to go. But somehow I feel there has to be a more professional way of converting from word?

I dont mind even if it's a paid service. Is there anything out there or is PDF still the usual way of going about things?

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    PDF is the standard ebook format outside of epub/kindle.

    If you want it to look more professional then do better editing, maybe hire a professional to design graphics for the front "cover" of the ebook (first page).
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    I create mine in Open Office (basically same as word) and export as .pdf, they come out just fine. You can google Word to pdf conversion and get a lot of options, but exporting as word is just as good.

    What you might want to do is get a decent template. I got one as a bonus with a product I bought and it makes a world of difference with the final produt.

    And finally, you can go to ebay and pick up an older version of adobe acrobat. I just saw version 9 for about $60.00 and version XI for around $110.00. If you are serious about creating ebooks that might be the way to go


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    ePub is the best choice as it is compatible with most popular e-readers with only 2 drew backs which are number one - ePub files are based on XHTML and CSS cascading style sheets, which can look different on different machines. Number two- Second, ePub doesn't require DRM but it allows it, so protected books may be unreadable on the "wrong" system. MobiPocket is also quite another reasonable option. Mobipocket has two things in its favor, althought it is not supported by most e-readers, it is supported by software for many mobile phones and Amazon's AZW is a version of MobiPocket with a new file extension and different identification numbers.

    You can read more on this website: Which is the best format for ebooks? | Ask Jack | Technology | The Guardian
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    I would go with PDF. By far the most popular format and available everywhere.

    I can write you Persuasive Web Content that turns leads into customers for as low as $0.02 per word.

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    If you want to have a better result of your PDF file might as well hire an expert to do the editing of your book.

    Hire someone who could do the editing and and add some additional templates if needed.
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    Hi, I think PDF is still the best choice for publishing. It's been around for a long time and most operating systems come with the ability to read PDF's built in so no other software is needed. Browsers can also read PDF's where as other formats require extra software.

    For now PDF is still the easiest to distribute with the most visibility.
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    There are editing tools for PDF that can help you make your PDF look more professional

    You can include borders and fancy pagination.
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    PDF is best choice to sell eBooks. if you need any help regarding book cover or book formatting you can contact me.
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    If you have converted word doc to PDF for free, and it looks good, why you feel the need to pay? Do you think it doesn't look too good?

    Hire a designer to create a cover, put good looking footer/header, table of content and you're done.
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