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Hi evereyone!

I willing for start my own site about weight loss and diets.
I chose this niche because earlier i was eating health food and lost weight. I know many secrets of this, and willing share with people in my future blog.

I know how to do seo and little bit how to promote site in socials.

Is this correct start weight loss and diets niche for me like a beginner in affiliate marketing?
Can you give me any advices?

Thank a lot!
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    seo will be tough. but that doesnt mean to abandon the idea. i say go for it.
    - help people in your market.
    - fine tune your seo along the way.

    the more you focus on helping people the more money you make
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    just get started and when you hit an obstacle come here and ask questions then


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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      I am struggling with the diet niche at the moment or at least with the offer I am promoting

      I am sending traffic via Bing to a landing page and while I have increased the CTR to the offer from 1% to 25%

      It is not converting

      I am going to let it run for the next week and try and improve my CTR but if the offer hasnt converted by then I will pull it
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        This is a tough niche, but then again which one isn't? As long as your content is original and creates value for your readers your strategy should work. However, it will take some time to see results.
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          Share your results with specific demographics for which you have or can develop an affinity. Most people are jaded in general by impersonal marketing, and "diets" specifically. More than likely, you've got less than a snowball's chance in hell by depending on SEO or undifferentiated social media for traffic.
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    You know many secrets of this, you like it or especially you passion about it, then you should go for it.

    That's one of the most important thing to start.

    You said that you knew little bit about how to promote site in socials.

    Now it's time to master that, not just a little bit, we need to improve our skill. Master one method at a time, keep it simple my friend. Good Luck!
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    Why not! Sure it is. There definitely is a demand for it. Thing to learn is what the 20% are doing and not the 80%. In Internet marketing it's more like what the 4% are doing and not the 96%

    When I first got started I could not wrap around my head it all and I struggled for years but I stuck with it and eventually things started to make sense.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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