I want URGENT help on youtbe's one video i have posted.

by umeysh
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Hello guys as i a not fully aware of the you tube video functioning so i have two questions to ask so i go:-

1. I have created a playlist on youtube named HTA and uploaded a video (1) on it which is created by me totally and uploaded also by me. so the video is in playlist now. and i have added more 3 videos in that same playlist but these rest 3 videos are not created by me and not uploaded by me, as these 3 videos is some one else's video and already running on youtube from years and i have just added those 3 videos in my HTA playlist by youtube feature of adding videos to playlist near ( share button under subscribe button ) .

So the problem i am getting is as the privacy is set to be public for all the videos. So when i share my first video url on the facebook or anywhere else. and when someone clicks on it, he goes only to that particular video not to playlist, as i want to drag that person to playlist rather than just to (1) video. As the (1) video is also displaying on home button of my channel and when i click on it , i go only to (1) video rather than going to all playlist video of HTA.

I hope u got my point. so if u know anything about it, then plz help ASAP.

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    Is the playlist working when viewing the video directly on YouTube? If it, try playing around with your embed settings.
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    You just need to go to the playlist itself and get THAT url. SO:

    Step 1: you log in to youtube,
    Step 2: go to My Channel
    Step 3: go to playlists
    Step 4: right click "save link address" on whatever playlist you want the link for
    Step 5: share THAT link to people on facebook OR even better get a bitly link to shorten it and to track it

    Hope that helps man!

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    thank you all my friends, now the problem is fixed here, as i have put the link also in video 1 of other playlist and in the description also, and told people to click here to see full playlist.. thx guys love u all. respect and appreciate it.
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