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Creating the most effective lead magnets how to!
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    Pick something your targeted audience is interested in...

    Give them a small piece of the solution...

    And make sure it presells what the next step of the process is for them (an offer).
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    In your niche, think about what would entice you to enter your email. Go from there


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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      The good news is that your lead magnet could take different forms, depending on what's easiest on you. Yes, you can write a special report, but you can also create an audio, a video, an e-course, a cheat sheet, and other stuff.

      Just be sure it answers a burning question your audience has and "sell" it to them with a compelling headline/description etc.

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    A good lead magnet is one that should:

    - Entice people to opt-in for it in the first place

    - Provide some sort of solution or at least advice to help build trust and credibility

    - Brands you / your business effectively (don't underestimate the power of this)

    Now, this could be delivered in PDF format, videos, audios, etc. but the most important things are what I've laid out above.

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      The main thing is NOT to over complicate this step. Do not be a perfectionist when it comes to this.

      What I mean is some people get caught up with this step so intensely that they can drag it out for literally months.

      Sometimes 'good enough' is ' good enough.'

      You can make it better as time goes. But the Giveaway should be useful and adequate and something they find Value with .

      But at the same time "incomplete"...i.e they want and need more which you will appease later on

      Many times a simple, well written PDF will do just fine

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Hello Gerald Megaman,

    A good advice would be to put yourself in your potential customers shoes,
    or their mindset.

    What would actually made you click a lead if you where them?
    Which elements would grab your attention.

    Just brainstorm enough to come up with a viable idea.

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    I've had the most success with lead magnets that are short & sweet, to the point, and easily digestible.
    Don't give them a big long ebook they may never read.

    Give them a short list, cheat sheet or infographic that gets the point across very quickly, and gives them just enough useful info to make them hungry for more.
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    aww. like the term "lead magnet" It's true. You can suck prospect in and turn them into buyers with a well optimized funnel and email sequence.

    To answer your question it all comes down to that word "optimize" You have to do it today!
    And if your promoting a link that 10,000 other affiliates are promoting your going to struggle!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Be sure your lead magnet has value. Something your subscribers would be willing to pay for. Nothing ruins your reputation faster than a free product that has no value.
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    Originally Posted by geraldmegaman View Post

    Creating the most effective lead magnets how to!
    Offer something valuable that solves one of your visitors problems.

    I can write you Persuasive Web Content that turns leads into customers for as low as $0.02 per word.

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    I agree with trobo...create a lead magnet that's short,sweet and to the point.

    A cheat sheet makes for a great lead magnet...people gobble those things up like you wouldn't believe.
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    Yes, keep it short and sweet, NO FLUFF!

    I've found that a decent ebook which solves a problem works really well. Do your research and get writing, also good to include images and screenshots where they add value (helps to break up the text and save the reader from eye strain!).

    As with anything, once you know which way you want to go, just do it!

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    While the advice you've gotten so far varies from good to vague enough to be harmless, I haven't seen this yet...

    Craft your lead magnet to get your prospect a quick "win". A small piece of your main offering works well. Give them a piece of the process they can put into use immediately and see positive results.

    Many years ago, I reviewed a golf instruction product. The proposition in the lead magnet was how to keep your score down on days when your game just wasn't working.

    The big takeaway was that one of the worst things you could do was trying to "fix" your game in the middle of the round. His quick win? Take a practice swing, and note where the club swept the turf in relation to your feet. Place the ball in the same relationship and take the same swing. Much better chance of catching the ball square at the bottom of the arc.

    That lead magnet converted visitors to subscribers at ~65%.

    I wish I could give you results for the rest of the process, but my job was to look at the opt-in process, and once we had that over 50%, I was on to other things.
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