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I'm confused :confused:

Quick question - does having too many plugins on your WP installation cause it to perform slower?

Secondly, I've been playing with a few plugins and there is obviously a lot of crossover between some of them, especially the SEO / promotion ones.

For example, I have all-in-one-seo and platinumseo installed, which one is better, in your experience?

Also, I have Sociable, Digg Digg and Tweet This installed on a blog. Each one of them can have a link to Twitter, but which one is best? I'm playing with different options, but just thought I could gather some ideas from other, more experienced WP'ers.

Thanks in advance.
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    Roger, hi,

    Plugins do add overhead to your site and can slow down site load times, particularly plugins that need to access other sites, like Share This and Related Sites type plugins.

    And you're definitely better off not duplicating the functionality of plugins - e.g. All-in-one-SEO-pack and Platinum SEO. (Of those two the All-in-one-SEO pack is definitely my preferred one).

    But whichever you prefer - choose one and drop the other.

    Re social network plugins I only have two: Tweet This and Add to Facebook. That's because those are the two sites I primarily focus on.

    The other sites I'm active in (LinkedIn and BlogCatalog) get my posts through RSS.

    So ideally you want to make sure you're only using plugins that give you a definite benefit.

    The less plugins you have the less they'll slow down your site load times and the less there is to go wrong, particularly at upgrade times.


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      Yes. Too much plugins can cause slowness in response for your blog.

      All-in-one-seo seems to be the best I have used so far.

      I always test individual plugin before deciding those that are good for the wordpress blog. You will have to decide what goes best for your blog. Do a little research and testing, you will be able to get the best combination.

      Here are what I used for my blogs:

      Akismet, all-in-one-seo, commentluv, maxblogpress-ping-optimizer, sociable, twitter-widget pro, vipers-video-quicktags and wp-cumulus.

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    Thanks for that Martin. I don't have both SEO plugins active at the same time, but was just testing them on a blog. I heard everyone saying AIO SEO was better, but thought I'd try the other as well. I'll drop the Platinum one for now and concentrate on AIO.

    I've read so many things about different plugins, that I'm not sure which ones to have. The ones I'm starting to standardise on are...

    YARP - Yet Another Related Post
    Google XML Sitemaps
    All-in-One SEO

    I've also tried YAAB - Autoblogging plugin, Digg Digg, Tweet This.

    There's another I'm looking for which allows commentors to get an email response when someone else leaves a comment. Haven't tried that one yet, but could be good to have installed.

    I see what you mean about upgrade times too!

    Thanks again for your input.

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    Thanks Ed

    Again, I've read about so many different Twitter plugins, didn't know which way to turn. I'm happy with Tweet This for now, but may look at the plugin you use.

    Thanks for the tip on MaxBlogPress ping optimiser. I keep forgetting to download that one.

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