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Just wondering if there are any resources or opinions on advertising some our 'Get rich' info products in newspapers (nationwide or local).

The sales process would be:

1/ Advert in paper giving out web address.
2/ Squeeze page with e-mail capture.
3/ Automated sales process e-mails.
4/ Eventual sale of product on CD or DVD for added value perception.
5/ Perhaps an added on 'per month' service.

Your average newspaper reader would probably have never come across even 1/10 of all the info us Warriors obtain for free on here. I'm sure most of us could create this sales process and give the customer value.

So what are everyone's thoughts on newspaper advertising? I still occasionally see them so they perhaps till work?
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    Wow !

    I was actually thinking about putting an Ad in the Pennysaver with my Review Site on there for an Acne Solution.

    I think it is a good idea, you just gotta be a little skilled in the AD

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    What works best for me is a well worded ad that goes to a landing page with enticing copy and a subscription form to get them in to the AutoResponder.

    The leads are usually pretty solid.

    Brian Rooney Email Marketing AutoResponders
    Email Marketing Blog

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      What works best for me is classifieds ads in the major metropolitan newspapers and trade magazines with just my toll-free phone number. The phone message gives more info, with a call to action by visiting my squeeze page. The squeeze pages adds them to my autoresponder for weekly pitches of products and services. This actually works much better than most online advertising I have tried.
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    Well to answer your question,

    I would say from my experience, get rich, ads in a newspaper would not do well, as many papers now print a disclaimer above your very expensive ad.

    I live in an area, with a population of 250,000 the local paper, charges an extra fee if you list a website in the ad.

    (they claim that because you have a website you have to pay a business rate)

    which is 25 time more expensive than an ad that does not list a website.

    Newspapers are quite literally experiencing a slow and painful death.

    Paper costs are extraordinarily high, circulation is down, for instance in our area, the local paper is now down to less than 35,000 subscribers.

    Just 10 years ago they had 170,000 subscribers.

    All over town you can find old newspaper vending machines rusting in the back of retail stores that used to sell a lot of papers every day.

    This is not to say that advertising in a publication is of no value at all.

    However it is important to note the type of publication that you do advertise in and the most effective types of publications are now the free little regional papers that you see at many different retailers, convenience stores, restaurants, and other smaller retail outlets.

    These "Free" publications can be very effective and the advertising rate is usually affordable, (you can always shop around, there are usually two or three of these little mini papers, around most medium sized towns)

    Just a few cents worth,
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