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I am wondering if there's any such free tool online that can help to find out where my target audience is? For example which social media and which forums do they go to.

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    You can try audience insight Of FaceBook my friend! That's one of great tool do we have
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    Hello CHOO5D Animation,

    One think you can do is browse the categories and niches of your target audience.

    Initially you can try browsing the top sites by category at
    After finding a fitting website you can then research similar websites, or websites that interact and exchange traffic.
    Alexa is a very useful tool.

    If you want to focus on forums an excellent tool is
    You can find a great deal of forums and sub-forums.
    You can find all sorts of forums there with varying traffic and visitors demographics.

    Another idea is since google discussions button was removed, you can try to install an extension/plugin which enables this function again through filters and custom search query, one of them is "Discussions button for Google Search"

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    There may be such a tool, I have no idea.

    What I use is my brain. I already know that my target audience is hanging out on other people's networks. That's for sure. So, I have to use my brain to try figure out what network is it and what is the fastest way to get my message to them.

    It's actually not hard at all. To figure out where they are, I just need some creativity and common sense. To get my message delivered to them, I use some Growth Hacking techniques and Data Science.
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    You can get some data from on demographics of a particular website. You can also google search for some tools and even use youtube as a search engine to find good information.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    You can try Pretty Link or LinkTrackr or Google Analytic. However, if you want to maximize your business success and find out every bit of details and stats about where your traffic is going. I would highly recommend using a paid service that offers more options and features that will benefit you and make you more money.
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