How to get more traffic from you tube video?

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I have created a video and uploaded it. After about 36-48 hours, when I search that particular keyword on, I could not see my video listed anymore there. So, how other people will see my video? Just wonder. Also, I loaded some related videos and check whether my video is showing up on related videos? hmm, no chances,

Do I hve to get backlinks for this too? Just wonder... Pls help me guys
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    Tags, tags, tags. If you have or are targeting a really popular phrase, chances are you won't see your video at all. Look into targeting longer tail keyword phrases and setting up a blog geared towards a specific niche that you're videos are a part of, and embedding your video there.

    When you do that and have the proper ping list on your blog (go to and copy their list of ping sites), Google notices that stuff very quickly. Also, make sure to try and put your keyword in your headline or a small variation of it and then when you post your video on your blog, use that same headline.

    Also, if you really are interested in getting more traffic to your videos and maybe back to your site, write content that links to your videos where the keyword that your video is targeting, is what's linked to that specific video. Example: When it comes to making money online, there are 3...

    Hope just these little tactics help :-)


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    what mike said plus go to tubemogul and set up an account and use their distribution service.
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    My strategy is simple and effective (at least for me): I pay to get my YouTube video in the "Promoted Videos" listings for my keywords. I pay 1 cent per click, which drives traffic to the videos instantly. The residual effect is that those paid clicks turn into views, ratings, and comments. The more of each of those you have, the higher your video ranks in search.

    After my video has gained some traction from the paid clicks, I turn off the campaign and the video rolls with its own momentum.

    A recent example was a video I had which was about 5 pages in for my keyword phrase when I launched it, despite my tagging efforts. I started 1-cent campaign for it, and three days and about $20 later my video was #2 overall for the keyword phrase -- so that's when I stopped the paid campaign and the video continued on to be #1 overall.
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    There is a whole strategy to this (check my sig), creating a video may not assist as much as creating videos to become an authority in your market on You Tube and other sites. If you are only doing You Tube, you are only hitting 3/4 of the market. You can hit a lot more sites with the same or less work as you tube using Tube Mogul. Of the people that comes to your video, using the search is only one method of them coming to see your video.
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