Erasing Bad comments online

by Earl16
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Need assistance to erase bad comments online
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    Where? People leave bad comments all over the place. Just look at the comments section of a youtube video.

    Are you talking about spam on your blog? Comments on social media? Comments on Youtube? What comments are you trying to erase?
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    Have you got any more details Earl?

    Are these comments on your blog/FB/some speciality site?

    Also are these comments worth your time in trying to get them deleted? Sometimes you've got to accept that there are 'Haters' out there and it might be productive to ignore them and move on!

    Go on, give us some more info :-)

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    Where are they at? Usually that's impossible but it just depends on what service they are on.
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    Welcome to the Internet!

    There will always be people who leave negative comments and say negative things about you anywhere they can.

    The best thing to do is to develop some thicker skin and move on with your life.

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    Where do you want to remove the bad comments?

    People nowadays don't think first before posting any unnecessary comments.

    They are insensitive to what other may feel toward their harsh comment.
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    It depends upon how much bad reputation you have online. Can you send me more details so that i can help you.
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    Just reply with your clear explanation and keep the conversation within your promise/offer that those people left for bad comments. So, others can understand what's going on between them and you, and how cool you can handle them, providing a solution. That'd be a positive point for you.

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    The best way is to generate more positive comments.

    Although there are always going to be negative comments somewhere if your business is real adding value to people's lives then the positive comments will outweigh the negative by a huge percentage and even if there are negative comments they won't harm business if you continue to do the best for your customers.

    Look at how many major brands overcome negative associations and comments.

    If the comments are genuinely linked to a customer service issue that you could have addressed then the customers making the comments need to have their complaints addressed in a professional manner.

    Trying to erase them is a sign of disrespect to the complainant.

    Wouldn't it be better to address their concerns and really fix their problems?

    In one of my large businesses we state "Be totally delighted or your frame is changed for free"

    If there is a problem we make sure the customer is satisfied.

    If you can't satisfy your customers and then they are complaining...who's to blame?

    Fix the issues that generate the complaints.

    If you have complaints acknowledge them and then publicly show and state how you fixed the complaint and have put a system in place so it doesn't happen again.

    Often you will get a public acknowledgement from the complainant that reduces the damage from nay complaint and can often improve your situation.

    People who complain to you are doing you a favour. Those that secretly plot your downfall are gong to harm you more than if you address the complaints and agree to "make good".

    best egards,

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    Just reply to it with explanation. You cant remove comments if you don't own the website or forum, etc.
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    If you need serious help search for "reputation management". That is usually the term used for services that help remove negative comments, reviews and content from the web and search engines.
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    Yes, it sounds like you need reputation management services which are really expensive. They are expensive because the companies that sell these services prey on marketers/businesses who are desperate because they have a lot of bad comments spread over many sites.

    Good luck. You will get bilked for many hundreds or even thousands of dollars to "clean-up" your reputation online.
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    Like MSutton said above, get an online reputation management service. A great one that you can use is called "brandyourself". Look it up on Google.

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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Like MSutton said above, get an online reputation management service. A great one that you can use is called "brandyourself". Look it up on Google.

      Stay away from these guys, they are notorious for making things worse, way worse, and they lure you in with cheap non working methods, then try upselling you on higher paid, non working methods.

      Here just one link from ripoffreport for this company, and there are several, if your wondering if Brand Yourself is a scam check this link out, as well as the other bad reviews:

      Ripoff Report | BRAND YOURSELF Complaint Review Internet: 1259859

      Here are some good signs that a reputation management company is a scam:

      For one do they offer a 100% money back guarantee? If they do not...... run! Maybe they will tell you they will continue to work on it for free, if it didn't work with the initial investment then how much do you think it will work when your done giving them any money?

      Another red flag is a time frame, if they promise you it will be removed and suppressed in 3 months.....Run! Lets get real, it can take that long just for Google to just update, to see what the new positions would be after all the initial work. This is just a sales tactic to scam you out of money, to be realistic, you need to give yourself 6 to 8 months even to suppress bad content down to the 2nd page of Google, can it happen sooner, absolutely, does the scam company that is trying to take your money control the Google updates, or algorithms, NO!

      Red flag number 3, is the company your looking at willing to give you a detailed report of everything they are going to do online for you? Generally they will not, they will tell you they have there own "Proprietary" software (Standard lingo in the industry), so they can not provide such a report. What this means is, that your money is more profit for them, and less work, so in other words you are not getting much work produced for you. To push negative content down, you need good quality, unique hand written content, that we all know Google loves, and ranks.

      Red Flag number 4, how is their reputation? Search their business name on Google, while they might control the first page, look at the second and third page to see what they are suppressing.

      And lets not forget to be able to pay everything on a credit card, for fruad purposes. There is a ton more red flags, but this will weed out the many. Also keep in mind that ripoffreport and other fruad alert websites are great resources to read about a online company, if the company you want to hire is in there, find one that's not.

      Find a company that will be upfront, and honest, with 100% money back guarantees!
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    Once any comment is put online, it's there for fu##king ever!
    Always be proactive to negative comments; respond right away with an appropriate explanation and perhaps even an offer to make the customer happy.
    Work at creating new content that will push the negative to page 2 or 3.
    Reputation Management is imperative in today's online world, you can find a ton of information, tips, tricks, and monitoring service at VegasReputation
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    Or . . .

    You can begin to think like a marketer. It was P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman on Earth, that said,
    "There is no such thing as bad publicity!"

    And Oscar Wilde, the Irish playwright and novelist, was quoted as saying,
    "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    lol. If only those "quotes" were true, especially today in the age of lightning fast information and communication.
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