The Secret, Non-Secret Cycle Of Sales Success

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I got thinking this morning and the truth is, just about everything we do comes down to trust and relationships.

Why do we go see that movie?
A friend told us or we trusted someone's review. Why do we buy from this IM guru? We trust his stuff because another guru who we have a relationship with, told us about him.

There's just a ton of different examples. Now, if you've every heard of and used the AIDA principle, it really comes down to the basic fundamental structure of crafting a successful message. But, there's two things I'd like to add to it that I think should be added, specifically for the backend once the action is taken.

Attention--->Interest--->Desire---->Action--->Further Trust--->Deeper Relationship--->Repeat

If we can add those last two steps in, building further trust and forming a deeper relationship, we can repeatedly do this cycle over and over again to make money, over and over again, extremely successfully.

Sure, it's pretty basic and you might of already knew it but I think that many marketers and business owners stray away from the fundamentals and focus solely on the sale.

What do you think?
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