How much do you charge for your SEO services?

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering how much money everyone charges for SEO services? you charge per hour, or work out an agreement of how many keywords you can get to the front page?

Obviously, there is a difference in keyword competition, making you charge more or less, but on average how do you charge someone...what would be the best method?

Also, what are common things that people ask you to do for them regarding SEO services, ex: getting to front page for a certain term, etc.

Thanks so much,
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    Our company works on a monthly retainer based on the level of publishing/link building required. Some jobs take 2 months and others take 12. We have gotten good at estimating in advance the work and time required for a given keyword set.
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    ^^^^ What he said! ^^^^

    If you don't KNOW what it will take, you need to do some practice first. Some of you guys/gals doing the offline thing should really take some clients on just at cost to get some experience.

    It might actually help you get established in your area as well if your upfront about it and tell them you expect them to refer you, introduce you at chamber of commerce, etc...
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