What Was Your First EBook Purchased & What Did You Do After?

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What Was Your First EBook Purchased & What Did You Do After?

Mine was

Internet Goldmine by Shawn Casey

I think it was in 2004, saw an article about him earning $600,000 a year online. I was fascinated by the claim and bought it.

It was an EXE file and not PDF yet. It came with "affiliate program" which I thought it was cool.

I then campaigned using Adwords and quickly spent money using credit card, wondering why nobody bought it.

I then did some Google search on terms like "internet marketing" or "affiliate marketing" and remember seeing Willie Crawford's and other marketers articles at "Idea Marketers Article Directory" and wanted to know how article marketing worked.

Anyone can remember your first ebook/informational product you bought?
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    My very first ebook purchase was way back in 2004 (I think)

    Stephen Pierce Under Oath.

    It was a fantastic book that really got me thinking about the possibilities online.

    Thanks Steven,

    Mike Hill
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      My first purchase was actually high ticket for it's time...

      "Insider Secrets" Cory Rudl and IMC. That was in about 1997, I think.

      Was around $197-$297, in retrospect a steal for what I gleaned from internalizing it all.

      I wore that thing out 20 times over, sadly at the time I only went the affiliate marketing route PT due to my other commitments, but that man and course set the groundwork for me.

      coming soon to an internet near you...
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