Best way to promote clickbank affiliate links?

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I dont mind spending money to promote my click bank links, all i want is income more than i spent.

I have tried bing ads, but no luck.
What other way i can try?
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      Originally Posted by discrat View Post

      were you direct Linking with Bing ??
      Yes directly linked
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    Yes that;s a tough nut to crack. Time and time again people try that with little to no results. Maybe a sale or two here and there but ROI is miserable.

    Better to have them Optin and be able to sell the same person over and over again via l a Subscriber
    based List

    - Robert Andrew
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    No one likes to be slapped with a product on their face.
    Always warn up your prospect and then upsell something.
    Visitor--> Squeeze Page --> OTO1 --> OTO2
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    I think you should try Facebook Ads with a Fanpage - posting some quality content
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    As mentioned above you may want to use the "search" feature of this forum. This topic has already been discussed at length and there is a ton of useful information available for you.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Create a squeeze page with a lead magnet, build you list.
    Lead magnet should be very relevant to your offer you are promoting.
    Your lead magnet can be a free e-book, a weekly newsletter, a video series, or whatever you can provide that would be worth a lot to the visitors you are advertising to. Obviously, the lead magnet should be very closely related to the offer you are promoting.

    Thank you page redirects to sales page
    Whenever someone opts into your list, redirect them to the sales page of the product you are promoting instead of the sales page. I would also recommend making your list single opt-in instead of double opt-in.

    Build a relationship, add value
    Now that people are signing up and you are building your list, this is not time to spam them everyday with your offer. This is the opportunity to add value and build trust with your readers. Send them great content you either create or curate relevant to the niche you advertised to. Remember that they were already redirected to the sales page after they subscribed. Now is the time to build trust and try to get engagement here.
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    It's better to build a list and then promote the Clickbank products to your list.

    In the past, when I ran Bing ads to promote Clickbank products directly, I ended up spending more than I was making. But that was just my experience with direct linking. Maybe direct linking works for some people... wait, does Bing still allow you to directly link to an affiliate link?

    Anyway, I still think it's better to use your paid traffic to build your list. That way, you have an audience that you can promote to over and over again, instead of just once off.
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    Bing will work, don't move on to something else, because you'll run into the same issue...

    PPC works, your approach is off.

    Bing directly to Clickbank offer can work, but it's hard to get work. I wouldn't go that route.
    You need to have a laser targeted keywords and solid tracking set-up, and have a pre-sell page(review page/blog/website) to capture opt-ins. I am able to convert more traffic into sales by doing it with a pre-sell page rather than directly linking to an affiliate offer.
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    Originally Posted by sunnychan View Post

    I have tried bing ads, but no luck.
    I was going to recommend Bing and then I saw you write that above.

    Go back and do it again anyway
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    I use bingads, and that work very well.
    But, you must use traking or use just one keyword for each compaign.
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    Buy a domain - Try to get an exact match domain. Put some good content on it to sell that clickbank product.

    SEO it - Till it ranks. You can generate more sales then the vendor, if you get the rankings of your website page high in the search engines.
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  • I agree with most warriors here. An opt-in page which offers free quality content is a good idea to capture audiences. Advertise this opt-in in social media and you can increase your leads in addition to ads in search engines. Also, a good list of keywords is essential.
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    Hi, have you tried solo ads? If you are using a high responsive list you can make some good affiliate sales. Christina
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    Like many of the others who responded, the best way is to use email marketing and automated email campaigns which are targeted to the URL of the product page you want to sell. As you know every affiliate gives you your own URL's and you use those to drive traffic to your sales page. To do this properly and build your email list (the money is in the list so this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!), you would use an e-mail program such as Mailchimp or Aweber or Constant Contact. I personally use Aweber bc I find it the most intuitive, best priced in the niche and mainly bc it has LIVE support included free.

    There you create an opt-in page where people go to sign up for the free gift you are giving away in return for their email info. Once they put in their email info they are directed to their Inbox for a confirmation page. When they get that, they click on the link and it takes them to your affiliate page where they can buy the products you offer and complete transactions. When they do, you get paid commissions. Easy as pie. But the most important part is now you have their names in a database so when you come to sell another product, you go back and market it to the people ALREADY on your subscriber list from an earlier product, and so on and so on...can you see how the money builds into millions over time?

    This is why I like affiliate marketing bc you just have to get the folks to a landing page and after that, the affiliate does the work.

    want to learn more- write me.
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    PPC isn't ideal if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, but if you want to go that route, make sure that at least:
    -you have a landing page
    -your are tracking correctly (e.g. using prosper202)
    -your are monitoring your kws daily and building your negative kw list
    -you are making use of ad groups
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    • Can you explain detaily 'how to monitoring keywords and find the negative keywords' ?
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    Direct linking is not recommended. Do lead generation advertising so that you can go after your prospects over and over again, until they're ready to buy and invest in your Clickbank link.

    Direct linking is like credit cards. It seems like a good idea now, once you think about the math and the easy delusion of fast money... but in the end it leads to peril (most of the times).
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    Try Bing ads and Google AdWords and monitor the results closely with services like prosper202 . Keep testing until you find a winning campaign . Then scale up. That's what everybody does. I have been pretty successful with bing ads.
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