Does anybody ACTUALLY make money with these amazon autoblogs software?

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this may seem like a stupid question to some people, but i'm getting into the amazon associates game. I see all of these amazon auto blogger plug ins. like covert store builder prosociate, azon authority.. ect..

I understand that I wont get traffic automatically not doing anything with the sites. But lets say that I made a bunch of social posts about my site on pinterest, tumblr, google plus ect.. and also use scrapebox..but not abuse scrapebox to spam the crap out of everything. then lets say that i write a few articles on my site with good content and long tail keywords.. Does anybody think this method would be worth trying?

Or in anybodys opinion would I be better off using PBN's?
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    Hi Darren!

    Gidgets and gadgets are all fine and dandy as long as you keep your eye on the ball and KISS.

    Here is an 8 step learning exercise to get you started:

    1. Pick a product, any product that strikes your fancy. I don't care if it's an Amazon bestseller or not. Designer diapers, llama feed, cat clocks, whatever.

    2. Head on over to FB and see how many large groups you can find using the keywords associated with the product. Let's say you chose llama feed. Jump into the largest llama enthusiast groups to find out what's buzzing about llama feed.

    3. Something? A lot? Nothing? Are these people even interested in spending money? If they are, what products are they buzzing about? OMG, llama blankets are all the rage right now, and so are cutesy spit buckets for pissy llamas. Who woulda' thunk it.

    4. Head back to Amazon or Walmart or llama product manufacturers and get serious about what you can sell to these llama lovin' folk. You'd be surprised at how many private industries offer affiliate programs. Search llama feed, click on results until you find a real llama supply go-getter company, search ABC llama supplies affiliate login or affiliate program, and off you go.

    5. Now that you have a an affiliate supply line for llama blankets and cutesy spit buckets, plus all sorts of llama goodies, study how to use FB tools to narrow your audience to only those who are dedicated to spending money on llama stuff, including collectors, breeders, people between the age of __ and ___ (Google llama farm images to get an idea of the age of llama folk), in the US and wherever the money is, love llamas but hate sheep, narrow, narrow, narrow. FB explains everything plus search the 'net for more how-to's.

    6. Open a simple FB Fan Page for your llama blankets and spit buckets. You can only have 1 Profile Page, or none, but you can have as many Fan Pages as you want. Study the rules.

    7. Build a quickie llama store layout site featuring your main product(s), add some helpful information (not hard, just search the 'net to curate llama graphics or re-write existing info) and complementary products. Don't worry so much about price tags because you are offering an array of related products. Just keep it down to no more than maybe 1 main product and 4-5 more smaller images of complementary products on the landing page. BTW, this is the same basic strategy that funnel builders use to sell their products.

    8. Head back to Facebook and spend as little as humanly possible for an ad.

    Aside: You can use memes to grab attention plus memes are passed around a lot, complete with your landing page link or fan page link. The link doesn't usually stick for more than maybe a couple-three shares, but that's okay. Hell, I've seen the same meme pass through my page 2, 3 times. There are sites that allow you to build all the memes you want to add to your posts.

    In the meantime, your screamingly targeted ad is appearing in the right hand column of the profile pages of those dedicated, can't wait to spend buyers for all their cronies to see and click on.

    Do not worry about the competition. As a matter of fact, go find out what the competition is doing, look for what's missing, and fill in the gap with your site.

    As long as you keep studying to hone your craft, you'll be fine. Once the big light bulb goes off and your PayPal account accumulates a few sales, tweak, step and repeat with other products.
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      Now that's a great response and reply with actionable content... Great stuff

      The BEST web TV show on the Internet

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        Originally Posted by James Hessler View Post

        Now that's a great response and reply with actionable content..
        I disagree. The response didn't even try to address the OP's question, and for what was stated - the critical spending money part: creating ads and not losing one's shirt to Facebook - was noticeably lacking in detail. None actually.

        People are going to try that plan and lose money. Guaranteed. It's like saying create an affiliate page of products now go to AdWords and pay for some cheap ads to your site. How many do you think will lose money? And at least those ads are targeted for someone actually searching to buy a product.

        Anyway, as to what the OP asked - IMHO skip the Amazon auto blogs. It always amazes me how much time, effort and money people spend on autoblogs and other junk, when they could be spending the time and money creating a valuable asset that will make them money for years.

        But at least you keyed on the important question: where do you expect traffic to come from?

        If it's SEO you're wasting time and money. Social posts on sites like Google plus? Seriously. How much traffic do you think that will bring?

        Instead of looking for ideas that are easy (autoblog, put a post on social media like Google+) I'd scrap that and re-start with ideas on what is needed to create a valuable authority page/site about a product/product line. The social media sharing will take care of itself.

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      very great and well thought out. makes a lot sense I appreciate the kind feed back!
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      This is great feedback, almost a book on a page. What I would is a little research goes a long way. All you need to figure out what's hot and what's selling is in front of you. I would use some analytical tools to look price histories on amazon for any potential price arbitrage opportunities to be added to your mix of strategies.
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    You received a great answer and you should take all the steps described into consideration. If you want to actually make some money online you must be hones with your audience and this means creating high-quality content. If you start with gadgets and tools from the beginning then you're not putting all your soul into it and people will see this.
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    Automation is almost always a bad idea

    Especially autocontent publishing

    Step away from it

    Focus on creating experiences instead

    You'll be rewarded BETTER and FASTER
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    That's Mind Boggling Response TheGMa...

    Some really juicy ideas...
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    Not an Amazon person. I'm just here to read comments. Hope to learn a thing or 2.
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