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Hi there :-)

Just wanted to know which traffic sources you guys use for your offers, and which you find to give the most bang for your buck?

I've been using Media Traffic, Bidvertiser and Facebook Ads, but i'm still very new in the game, so any suggestions are welcomed.

Media Traffic i found very good and reliable, not so much for BidVertiser. And Facebook Ads vary a lot imo.

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    You can do a Search and find significant info. on this topic. Btw, I have found that Bing can really deliver some Bang for your Buck

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      I agree with the other poster.... You can search and find many threads on traffic.

      As for PPC, I've found Bing is the best by far... both in value and customer service.
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    As far as paid advertising goes, Bing Ads has worked pretty well for me...
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    I found facebook the best place to advertise on.


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    You need to increase your targeted traffic only. You should not use the Fake traffic. Today most of the people are consuming their gossiping time to use Social Media site. So you can choose the best social media site. Beside the Social Media site, you can use some Article, relevant blog commenting & Forum posting. Thanks for your advance.
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    Hey Oliver, you'll find that people swear by different traffic sources, claiming each one is the best.

    And to their credit, they might all be right.

    The "best" traffic source is highly dependent on several factors including (but not limited to) the specific offer, the niche/market being targeted, and even the follow-up process you have.

    A quick example of that last factor I mentioned; solo ads will not likely be a profitable source of traffic if you don't follow up with your leads aggressively as they're being pitched multiple offers by your competition (more so than any other traffic source).

    With all that being said, there are certain traffic sources that many experienced marketers consistently recommend...

    Such as Bing, like Robert and a few others have mentioned.

    For the record, I don't disagree with that either.

    Bing's cost per click is surprisingly low for even the more competitive markets, and if you know which keywords signal a buying propensity, you can't go wrong.

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    Maybe you should try advertising on sites in your niche that are non-competitive. lus there is email traffic you can pay for. PPC (including Facebook) are good ideas. How are you targeting your leads? Why not stick with Media Advertising and use it until you've tapped it out?
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    I really recommend Bing, if you are a beginner. This is because you can definitely get the best "bang out of your buck" Once you get familiar by playing around with these sites. Facebook will most likely be your new friend

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    Best traffic source is Udimi. This website has a lot of high quality seller that provide great results from their solo ads.
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    I too have used Bing with good bang for the buck. However, the volume of traffic from Bing is lower in my experience that other sources such as Facebook.

    Facebook is really good when you get it dialed in. You can get pretty cheap clicks. But the key is testing and tweaking to get it dialed in, so you may spend quite a bit do get that right.

    I've also heard from other well known marketers that Twitter and Instagram are good, but I have yet to try those for lack of time.

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    Recently, I read a great article about traffic resources that works good in 2016.
    Among those resources:
    - Google Adwords;
    - YouTube;
    - Bing Ads;
    - Yahoo Gemini;
    - Yandex;
    - Baidu;
    - 7 search;
    But all of these resources are paid. And here are some free tools: Google analytics, Google Trends.
    And sure, one of thew most popular ways to increase traffic is social media!
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    There are 3 ways you can attract visitors:

    - SEO - this means having your webpage on the 1st page of Google for targeted keywords. 1st page of Bing or Yahoo search is not bad too for certain keywords

    - Paid advertisement - Pay Per Click, or your ads on particular sites, solo ads

    - Viral content that gets redistributed fast

    That's it! These are 3 ways of getting people to your pages. Of course, all of this is easier said than done! People usually don't know how to do this properly and that's why so many earn nothing!

    Not everyone likes every way I mentioned above. Most people I teach don't have any money (just like I didn't have) to invest so they like SEO. There is so much talk around about SEO and people think it's so hard but let me tell you: if you know how the search engine works and you have a plan then
    you'll have enough pages on the net and you will earn lots of money!

    Other people who want to invest money in PPC can earn money too and it's a fast and an efficient way when done properly.

    Viral content? Can be done for free, but investing couple of hundreds of dollars can do wonders.
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    Facebook is best place to advertise on.


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    Good information on the topic I could collect from the responses. It really goes a long way for the newbies like me. Thanks guys.

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    There are different traffic sources that works better for specific offers.
    What vertical are you trying to promote?
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    Hi there,

    There a lot's of ways of traffic source for your site I recommend:

    facebook ads
    Need help getting more leads and sales? *** Click here to work with me ***
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