How to Find Hidden Affiliate Programs

by TheGMa
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Want a better commission structure or can't find the products you want?

I ran into that brick wall years ago when affiliate marketing was just starting out. The big affiliate networks did not always have the products I needed, and sometimes commissions were pretty crappy considering how much work an advertiser needs to put forth to sell an item.

I needed a solution, and as usual, the Internet came through with the answer. This is what I discovered -

Merchants and manufacturers everywhere either have their own in-house affiliate programs or hire it out
and commissions can vary a lot from program to program for the same product. It all depends on who's running the show.

So how can you find and compare? You have to know how to dig for the info.

It's easy if you know who carries the product you want - all you have to do is Google 'Joe Blow's Affiliate Program'.

If you have no idea who carries the kind of product you want, here's how to find the affiliate program for it:
  • Search for the product.
  • Open the biggest sites that carry the product; even the manufacturer's site
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page > look for the word Affiliates. Look all over the bottom of the page. Don't worry if you can find it right off. Sometimes the link is hidden in a sidebar, so be sure to look down both sides of the page before going to the next step.
  • If you didn't find "Affiliates", look for Partner with us, Partners, Investors, or Resellers. If the site contains more than one of those terms, click on each in turn.
  • Scroll down the landing page, looking for the word Affiliates or a description that includes % commission. Sometimes site builders get the terms mixed up. If you can't find it there, they probably do not have a program. If they do, check it out.
  • If the site tells you the affiliate program is located on some network you never heard of, no worries. Go investigate the network. If the network is horrible or no longer carries their product but you absolutely must have it, contact the site owners to ask if the program has been moved. Site owners can be notoriously bad about updating bottom of the page information, and it never hurts to ask.

    I did that one time and the manufacturer reopened his program just for me and cut me a special deal.

Go ahead, give it a try for yourself!

- Annie
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    Great advice Annie. Doing a bit of investigation can uncover what you're looking for.
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    Great post. Good to read this.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    This is very useful especially some of the big affiliate networks does not always have the products that the customers need.
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