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by Hippos
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I'm a webdesigner, have been making websites for 13 years now, first as a hobby, and now already about 6 years working in a medium-sized web agency. To be frank, I'm very good at what I do: (mobile) websites, apps and online applications.

I've officially started my own web company about 3 years ago, and even though it gets me a nice little extra money, I would love to make it my fulltime job.

When it comes to marketing though, I feel like a complete idiot. I'm very interested in it, have read a lot and learned a lot, but I can't really make it work. I have a few customers a year and business is growing slowly as I make more connections, but after 3 years I'm nowhere near where I expected to be.

I'm not eager to throw a lot of money on different channels to see which one works. I do have money to invest, but I don't know how to invest it.

I have read so much on these forums, bought an info product here which totally didn't work for me. I have spent about $100 on Adwords, but didn't get much response from that (and not a single sale).

The only thing that works for me right now are referrals, because my customers are very happy. But that alone is going way too slow.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I'm guessing you have a website advertising your services? It sounds like you need to get this in front of many people as you can, people who would be interested in this kind of service. Have you tried facebook ads? They can be brilliant for getting really targeted traffic to you and your website. Also finding people who do solo ads in your niche. You could look at investing in banner ads on popular high traffic websites within your niche, more expensive but can be very successful, also finding people who do podcasts within your niche, and contact them to see whether they would tell their listeners about your website, if you had a valuable free gift to give as an intensive for visiting....
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  • Have you thought of offering mini services on fiverr or even considering doing some services initially on fiverr even at a loss to build up your reputation and then you can start making more money on there with addons -- ie faster service, additional services, adding upsells to your fiverr gigs to bring bigger amounts of money in there.

    Fiverr is a great place to get in front of people especially in the service industry.

    Have a blissful day.


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    If you're going to try paid advertising, then it's all about testing.

    Unless you're lucky and land on a winning campaign (wording gets attention, settings that work, the right price, sufficient audience size etc) early on, it might cost quite a bit until you land on a campaign that converts someone that just lands on your site to actually buying one of your services.

    You have knowledge and experience. So why not take advantage of that.

    Do you have a blog where you share tips and ideas? Maybe try driving traffic to that and focus on getting your content shared on social media. If you have a newsletter where you share tips, then drive traffic to that. Do you have a presence of social media? Build an audience up there.

    Basically build an audience, then promote your services to that audience.
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    You mentioned the best ad you're getting is from satisfied customers. Have you tried asking them for testimonials that you can post on your site? Including testimonials in your content marketing strategy is very important as it shows people you are reliable and trustworthy. Speaking of content marketing strategy, how is yours? What type of content are you using to attract customers?
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    Adwords is probably not the best paid traffic source to start out on. I think Bing might be a little more appropriate and economical to try at first

    - Robert Andrew
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    On top of everything that's being mentioned, maybe you could narrow down your audience and market to smaller crowd?

    Have you thought marketing to local business in your area for example? Apart from getting cheaper bids on keywords you could also market offline and get very targeted with Facebook ads.
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    As just mentioned above, you should start a Facebook page for your business.

    Do you have a blog or your own website? If so, start building a list by giving away a free report or a free analysis of their website.

    Make sure your blog posts or website articles offer helpful suggestions on ways to improve a website.

    Add all the testimonials that you can.

    Have you run an ad here on Warrior Forum? If so, you can post a link to it in your signature.

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