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Am I right in thinking this is how an e-mail/opt in list makes money:

1. Find a niche using usual methods.

2. Create a page that in exchange for an e-mail will give a free gift relating to the niche. (ebook, cd, whatever)

3. Send e-mails to everyone in the opt in list giving info with links to products about the niche.

I know this is in very simple terms but in essence is this what you do with the list?
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    There is a bit more to it if you want to sell to the list and get a good return.

    I would suggest that between steps 2 and 3 you add this...

    2a. Send first email as soon as they optin with another link to your download, a little teaser info about your niche and then a "soft sell" on an affiliate product.

    2b. Send a couple more emails in the next 2 or 3 days with pure content - really good info about the niche topic but with NO sales message.

    2c. On email #4 - send them a pure sales message about the product you are promoting. You should get some sales.

    I would repeat the above 2b and 2c over and over into infinity.

    Also - there's a totally free way to set up the landing/squeeze page and optin form - check out my sig.
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    I'm only gonna say this: Don't treat them as ATM machines and relationship and trust is built trough multimedia...not just text
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    Ok sounds good!! Quick question, what is a better idea and why?

    Do the e-mail list thing and drive traffic to the opt in page or create a small site selling, i dunno, coffee cups for example and drive traffic to that sales page.

    (I know I'm simplifying things a lot)

    Call me crazy but wouldn't driving traffic to a sales page be better then building a huge list of possible time wasters and then send them loadsa sales e-mails.

    Or would a combination of both be best? Create a site about coffee, have various pages selling various coffee bits and drive traffic to the different pages. Offer a newsletter service to get their e-mails. Then do the e-mail offer things.
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    simply sending your traffic to a sales page will result in very low sales volume.

    The advantage of a list is that the process is automated through your autoresponder. You just set up your "relationship building/sales cycle" one time and it runs on autopilot.

    Also - most people need to see something about 7 times before they'll buy it/ The list gives your prospects a chance to get to know you AND to see your offer multiple times.

    I have had people on one of my lists not buy until they received my 37th or even 57th email.
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    Hmmm.....what's the difference between this and spamming? Please don't take offence from this as it is probably my ignorance causing me to think this.
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    Would it be the fact that the customer agreed to get the e-mails and can stop them at any time? Where as Spam is not asked for and can't generally be stopped?
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