Which Affiliate Tracking Software is used on the big launches?

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I noticed that Delta Squadron and The Launch Tree both use the same affiliate tracking software combined with customer membership integration.


Does anyone know which affiliate tracking program these guys used?

And can anyone recommend any other similar programs as an alternative to compare with?

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  • I've actually been wondering the same thing for awhile Chris funnily enough. PPCBully had it too, it really is a slick program.
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    there's several out there.

    A lot of the big gurus use infusionsoft but I have heard that it's pretty expensive to get started with it.
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    Yes, but which program do Delta Squadron and The Launch Tree use?

    I dont think they used infusionsoft.

    I'm not looking for one to get started with - I've already done several launches with CB and PDC. I'm looking at the next level. Thanks!

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    Will be interesting to know which software was used. Anybody with ideas?

    Alvin Huang

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    Hi, does anyone know what software was used?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for the answer mohammod I was thinking about trying Butterfly Marketing have you used it before??
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    Whatever it is, it is the system Anik uses for all of his stuff. PPCClassroom, AffiliateClassroom and other all use it, too.

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    It looks like this is where it comes from, and who set it up for them.

    Kudos Infomedia Pvt Ltd

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    Thanks (from everyone on this thread) for coming up with that link!


    Did you contact Kudos Infomedia?
    Their website shows them to be a custom software solution
    vendor, and one needs to contact them directly for
    specific solutions and costs, etc.
    Chris before I go thru that, were you able to get some info,
    and if so can you tell us:

    a) cost?
    b) hosted on your own server, or their server?

    trish : - )
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