What's Are Some Solid Strategies For Finding Fitness Affiliates?

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Hi Warrior Team,

I'm the cofounder of a rapidly growing online training program (soon to be app), and our PPC game is strong, but our affiliate program needs talented affiliates.

So, needless to say, how does one recruit talented, well-connected affiliates interested in the health, wellness and fitness industry?

Thank you for your time!

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    In general, here are some ways to find affiliates for your program:

    How do you find affiliates?

    All of the strategies above can be adapted and suited for your fitness niche.
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    Do what Randall said.

    His to-do list is excellent, and there is another good recommendation two posts below his in that thread.

    - Annie
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    Put your product/membership site on clickbank, and then buy advertisement space on clickbank (homepage or marketplace); in my experience banner ads work best. You'll need a minimum spend of $500+, but it is usually well worth it.
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    Yes, banner ad is absolutely helpful.

    It may costs high but it's really all worth it.

    You should try it. It's a great way for finding reliable affiliates.
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    You don't really need to "recruit" affiliates.

    You seem to have a great product with good performance creds.

    That should be good enough to attract affiliates rather than start chasing them down.

    First step should be their's/

    If you put your product (or an abridged version of it) inside of an affiliate network, you are positioned to get the attention of affiliates. The main thing is to keep up the sales, good numbers, proven track record and affiliates will start finding you.

    This won't necessarily work for newbies with one or two products with meager numbers, but in your case, it should.
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