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I have no idea if this is the right place to post this, so if it isn't, please forgive me!

What is the best way (or some good ones) to protect your downloads (info products, list building giveaways, etc) so that everyone and their uncle can't get to them and download them for free?

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    Stick them in a membership site where the user needs proper login information to access them.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Thanks Jill, that would work for a product, but not so much for a sign-up report, I think. too much trouble to get to it!
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    Stick some affiliate links in your free report, and brand the heck out of it. If you do
    that, who cares if it falls into the 'wrong' hands?

    If you absolutely insist on protecting it (which really, honestly isn't a big deal, esp with a Free report) just use a Wordpress post that is password protected.

    Problem solved.
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    Yep. Brand it, so even if people steal your stuff, you still win.

    Because, what does the UFC, NFL, MLB, HOLLYWOOD, The WarriorForum, Sony, The US Government, and every other guru/company/organization you can name have in common?

    They get their content stolen.

    And they have billion dollar lawyers on their side.

    Food for thought.
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    Thanks guys. Still looking for ideas for protecting the main product. Maybe I should brand it too and let them have it? There used to be a plugin called "download demon". I think it gave a link that expired in a while. Or if I used a membership site, what would be a simple one, since I only have the one product? Or maybe something like e-junkie or jvzoo?
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    The software that you create your product with often allows you to set some kind of protection. For example if you create PDF with Adobe Professional you can put your copyright notice in the footer or header, then you can set password for opening the document, then you can set password for copying the document, for printing..etc Then you combine that with password to your membership page, and then you set rel=nofollow, noindex" in the HTML of your webpage so that Google is not showing that in search results... with all this your info product is pretty much protected.
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    I have been using DLGuard for the past few years. You can read about it here: (not an affiliate link)

    DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

    You don't need to create a membership site to implement this tool.


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    I second Dl Guard. I don't use it on my business, but i use it on products i have created a couple of years ago and it still does the job.

    Hope this helps,

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    DL Guard from Sam Stephens is really good. Plus he's responsive and fast when asking him a question via email. His setup instructions are super basic. You just have to have the right webhosting company that can support it. (Note: Alot of people don't like Hostgator, but Hostgator supports it).
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