I need a critique before I run my new campaign

by Brad Spencer 2 replies
As stated in another post, I'm getting ready to launch a stumbleupon ad campaign for my squeeze page. Impressions are cheap and I think it will work (a colleague has used it).

However, before that launches, I'd appreciate a critique of the current form. I will use the recommendation to build multiple versions and split test them!

Thanks so much for helping me out!

My site is Learn How To Make Money From Home

Please be specific so I can build around 6 versions of this page.


Brad Spencer
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    "The Secret To Making An Income That Will Last Til the End of Time!"

    Of all the hypey claims on your page this line is the one I pick as the winner.

    "Discover How To Work Once and Drive Buyers To Your Site Forever". This one comes close, but I think "end of time" trumps "forever".

    If hypey isn't what you're going for you might want to reevaluate your copy. Additionally, the text above your squeeze box should be reformatted. That center justification isn't working the way you laid the text out. Its doesn't read correctly, as in it's hard for the eye to follow.

    I'm not sure what your secrets are, but if you leave the page the way it is, not a lot of them will get out. It's good you're planning on testing, that way you'll nail it before too long.

    Just some food for thought...

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    You ave to do better than that... The copy I mean...

    It sounds like a "me to" site with no USP... What makes you stand out? What makes you different?

    Mike Hill

    PS. A good indication of were you should be heading is start brainstorming and as soon as you come up with an idea that makes you say "Good Lord, I'm NOT doing that" ... then you know you found a possible winner...
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