Ebook Cover Creator with Resell and Hosting Rights?

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for an Ebook Cover Creator application which I can host in my members area and let people use as part of a monthly membership!

So for instance, they pay me $5/month and one of the things they get from this is a way to create ebook covers directly from my website.

So far I've found a site called instantwhitelabel.com but it doesn't really fill me excitement (I think I'm after something a bit more 'WOW' for the $297 price tag!).

Anyone got any other ideas, searched for something similar or is currently using such an application on their website?

Any help really appreciated.

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    They have a link to buy the PLR version of the online ebook creator, but the WSO it links to is no longer valid. Maybe you can contact them to see if they still provide a private label version.

    I have no idea how good the product or the company is so proceed with caution. I suspect they bought the rights to it and therefore may not have a clue as to how to fix it when it breaks...lol. This happens a lot in the PLR world when it comes to software and scripts.
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    Thanks for the suggestion M.
    I think at the moment my original find (instant white label) is probably the way forward but I'm still looking!

    If I find anything else I'll post it here in case anyone else is looking for a similar solution.

    Any more ideas guys?

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